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Friday, June 18, 2010

with or without Bono

  for christmas i surprised michael with tickets to see U2's 360 tour (yeah, i'm an awesome wife).  time off was requested, childcare was arranged, and plans for a mini getaway to san francisco were under way... until last month, when we discovered that bono had back surgery!  the concert has been postponed till 2011.

but it turns out we jones' can have fun with or without you bono!


sonora collage

pinecrest collage

we took advantage of the opportunity to be alone together ("alone together," is my favorite oxymoron. this too would have been a great title for this post.  bono should write a song with the lyrics, "alone together is my favorite oxymoron" ).

we headed off to the quaint little towns of jamestown, sonora, twain harte, and pinecrest.  michael pretended to enjoy antique shopping (hmmm, i love him), we shared good food,  stayed at a charming bed & breakfast, kayaked on a serene lake, had uninterrupted conversation, and took in a movie (robin hood, staring russel crow. very good if you've got free childcare, and bono is out of commission).

we're looking forward to 2011, seeing U2 in concert, and ANOTHER getaway!

What band would you most like to see in concert?


Simply Sara said...

booooooo bono- but yaaaaaaaa for some alone together time!

you two are so cute! sounds like the most amazing mid-week getaway.
and yippee for another fun
"escape-cation" to look forward to next year.

sweet pictures.
i think you should frame that first one of the two of you!

Michelle said...

I'm very jealous that you got a getaway without kids. My getaways always seem to be accompanied with children. Sounds like you guys had a nice mini-moon.

I would love to see TSO - Beethoven concert. I loved seeing their Christmas show but the Beethoven cd is by far my favourite.

Alexis said...

Been reading your blog. Cute family! Fabulous getaway time and love the pics. A Bebo concert is something I've been on the look out for.

denise said...

I was just thinking the other day that I've missed your vlogs lately. NOT that I wanted one with this post about your romantic getaway...just saying that I miss them in general ;)

U2 and David Crowder would be probably be near the top of my list. (I remember that you already saw David Crowder, lucky girl!) I'd like to hear Lecrae too.

deb said...

yeah for your getaway ~ those photos are gorgeous.
as is the loving couple.

love U2,
I'd like to see the Tragically Hip in concert. Or Kings of Leon.