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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Date Night

I like to date my husband.

We're kind of pathetic though and a date occurs  maybe 3-4 times a year.  Pathetic.

Dates are expensive:
$40.00 for a reasonably nice dinner.
$25.00 for movie & snuck-in-treats.
$15.00 for Little Ceazar's Pizza and dessert for the kids and sitter (who is lounging on my couch watching Hulu Plus, while my kids clean-up after the dinner and dessert I "made").
A GAZILLION dollars for the appropriately named "sitter," who is to be paid minimum wage, and must also receive medical benefits, sick and holiday pay, and a 4o1K.

Because dates are expensive, our last date was in July, while the kids were away at camp for two weeks (enter "Hallelujah" chorus).  Truth be told, we went on 6 dates, and one long weekend get-away (to the coast, where we stayed in the in-laws lovely and free loft) during those two weeks.  Had to... for future us, who aren't going to be dating anytime soon.


On our last date we packed the Saturn with blankets, pillows, homemade dinner, drinks, a redbox movie, the laptop, and movie treats.  

We drove around for a lonnnng time (one of us, who gets cranky when she is hungry, might have gotten a bit snippy...just keep'n it real, folks), and found a dreamy tolerable view and parked. 

The view...
The actual view...
yep, that's a chain link fence.

The set up. 

Homemade Chinese Chicken Salad Supreme.

Dinner entertainment.  
 A redbox DVD photo shoot. 


We enjoyed the coastal breeze and watched the brilliant sunset as we munched on our yummy salad. 
We were amazed to see whales dancing in the water. 
We were entertained by a flock of seagulls (not the 80's band), and one in particular who seemed to be complaining to the others to wait up for him.  
We smooched (dates should include kissing). 
We (I) shared chocolate.  
We cuddled and watched the movie (until the battery on the laptop died, and someone's bladder was about to explode). 

We made a memory together.  A memory that didn't include the kids.  
A memory for us, of us.

When is the last time you and your man went on a date? 

What did you do? 

Do you have any low-cost date night ideas?  Pleeeaase share.  


Ingredients for our Chinese Chicken Salad Supreme: Romain lettuce, cilantro, grilled chopped chicken, toasted Top Ramen noodles, avocado slices, white peach slices, and black olives, tossed with Soy Vey Cha Cha Chinese Chicken Salad dressing. 


Gina said...

Love your date night, what a view! Our last most cheapest date was throwing blankets in the back of the truck, driving to the middle of nowhere and watching the stars come out. It was wonderful, it was romantic, it was perfect. Now that the kids are in school we have coffee mornings one day a week. That has quickly become my most favorite thing!

Teralee Lane said...

Our last cheap date was a gorgeous mind clearing motorcycle ride in the country, followed by sharing one of our favorite dark beers at happy hour with french fries. It was only a few hours, but much needed and so refreshing!

Kate Eschbach said...

Love this! What a great idea! And the photo-shoot idea with the CD

Southern Gal said...

It's been way too long. Our 32nd anniversary is October 18th. I'm trying to plan a little getaway for the two of us.

(Smooching made me laugh. One of our favorite beach tunes is "Kissing in the Back Row of the Movies" by The Drifters. In one verse they say smooching instead of kissing. My mama says smooching and when I was a teenager and dating my soon to be husband she used to talk about smooching. I, being a teenager, thought it was horrible and sounded like "something that cows do"! I still smooch my man and we still joke about it.)