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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Our real friend and blog friend, Stacy, from Daily Surrender to Jesus, 
is adopting another child from Latvia!

To raise awareness and funds for the adoption of their son, 
we worked with Stacy to create 

You can have it printed in any color you want! 

Here's how you can help- 

Show support through encouragement and prayer.

Support them financially.
They've got to raise $30,000 to bring their boy home.

Share a link to her GIVE AWAY on Facebook and raise awareness.

Go "old school" and call someone on the telly and get them to enter.  Then hand the telephone calling baton off to them and encourage them to pass it on!

Tweet it.

Stand on a street corner dancing with a sign directing onlookers to enter.
(I really wanna do this).  

Pinterest the post. 

 Sing a song about her give away, record it, and post it to youtube. 

Or help a God/blog-sister out and BLOG about it!

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