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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SBD believer

i've always been the anti-dieter.
i've watched and been mindful of what i inhaled, refrained when i added a few extra lbs, walked as needed, and called it good.

every spring {after "the most wonderful time of the year," girl scout cookie season} i tend to up my game to rid myself of the winter lbs that have been hiding out under my baggy red winter sweatshirt. 

however, this march when the sky's turned from gray to blue; extending me an invitation to begin walking, i'd sprained AND gotten tendonitis in my right ankle. meaning my typical maintenance plan would be impossible before tee n' short season approached.

i knew a few people who'd recently had success on the south beach diet, and decided to embrace the carb/sugar/fruit free life for a couple of weeks in order to lose my 9 winter companions.

because "misery loves company" i talked michael into being "mr. supportive" and sbd-ing with me.

we struck up a deal that if he joined me and lost 7lbs in the first 2 weeks he could get rid of his goatee, which i love(d)... honestly, i considered lacing his morning cuppa jo' with sugar so he wouldn't make the 7lbs.
evidently, i didn't.

"mr. supportive" lost the 7lbs, and {since this photo was taken} has lost 7 more!
yep, 14 lbs.  

i'm glad to say my 9 winter companions {lbs} are gone.

sbd is intended to target the waistline, and i'll sing it's praises and declare 'waistlines have decreased!'

the south beach diet has 3 phases:
phase 1= 2 weeks with no sugar, carbs, fruit, or high starched veggies like potato, carrots, and corn.
phase 2 = add in some fruit and 1-2 high fiber low carbs a day until you get to your desired weight {we did 2 weeks}.
phase 3=  pretty much phase 2 with a few adjustments. moderate treats.

we are on phase 3 and have chosen to stay on it indefinitely {or at least until girl scout cookie season comes around} because it's a healthier way of eating.

here is a bit of what we've been feasting on.   
flaxseed {blueberry} pancakes
find the recipe here.  they're pretty  good... better than no pancakes.

lettuce wrap tacos

romain lettuce topped with refried beans, chicken or ground turkey taco meat, 
cabbage, purple onion, olives, cheese, guac & salsa. 

veggie lasagna
ingredients and layers 1-4: 
 1-long slices of zucchini patted dry {these are your noodles)
2-sauce- red sauce, ground turkey, garlic, oregano, salt n' pepper to taste
3-lightly steamed broccoli and sauteed mushrooms
4-low-fat ricotta cheese & grated parmesian cheese
repeat layers 3x. 
bake 375 for 40 minutes. 

flax seed pizza crust
i topped our pizza with refried beans,  lowfat mexi cheese, 
cabbage drizzled in lime 
{i would have added cilantro to the cabbage but i was out}, 
tomato, olives, 
and for crunch tortilla chip crumbs.

next time i will add oregano to the crust and top it with pesto, moz cheese,
grilled chicken, mushrooms, sliced zucchini, and olives. 

here's the recipe
i've found it relatively easy {unless i'm pms-ing and HAVE TO HAVE salt and chocolate NOW} to stick to the south beach diet.

we've splurged a few times {a friend made homemade twix candy bars last week. irresistible}, and the numbers on the scales haven't pointed their mocking finger. 

coincidentally, i'm no longer an anti-dieter, i'm an sbd believer! 

do you have any sugar-free and/or low carb recipes? 
PLEASE share them. 
we're on the hunt for more yummies to add to our menu. 


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Good for you guys!!!! That is awesome! And, I love the no facial hair!!! Kevin wants to have facial hair, but I won't let him :) I don't have any recipes for you since i am a carb junkie (especially when preggo) I am going to bookmark this post because I might need to do the SBD after I have this baby!

Megan said...

How cool! You guys look great and what a cute couple you are! I have never been a dieter, but I think age can mess with all things metabolism. Those tacos look delicious!

Anonymous said...

So funny…my post today (up in an hour or so) is about my dieting/workout failures. :) Oh, also…I almost bought that Anthropologie mug (with an M, of course) on my birthday. It's so cute! Kinda wishing I had now.

Tia said...

Good for you!

I also hate to diet. I am a firm believer that if you use more than you put in, you are golden. I am currently striving to reach a goal and am 3 lousy pounds away. These last three are going to be the hardest to lose. I can tell.

My husband is down almost 50 pounds on a version of the sb diet. He eats a ton of protein and veggies and fruit. No breads or sugars. I don't know how he does it. He holds weight well though, so I never even realized he needed to lose that much. I am really proud of him.

We are overall healthy eaters though, so that really helps.

Congrats on reaching your goal! And I like your husband with no goatee. He is cute!

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Congrats to both of you!! I liked the SBD when I did it--but haven't revisited since the third child entered the picture-I had to cut out artificial sweeteners because they were not agreeing with me: ) Keep up the good work:)))))

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

Congrats to both of you!! I liked the SBD when I did it--but haven't revisited since the third child entered the picture-I had to cut out artificial sweeteners because they were not agreeing with me: ) Keep up the good work:)))))

Gina said...

Isn't success wonderful?!?

We "eat clean" around here, food in its God made form, no preservatives, little meat and lots of plants. Also no sugar, unless it's the weekend or we're having s'mores around the fire pit :)

And since I can't eat gluten, its a pretty low carb life for me. And I've never felt better!

And as to the occasional dietary splurge? We say life is meant to be lived and chocolate is meant to be eaten!

Nicolle said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Megan's blog. I just posted a yummy no carb snack today. We also love cauliflower crust pizza, you can search it on my blog. Our summer favorite is stuffing portabella mushroom caps with cheese and grilling them. Google pepperoni chips....a delicious snack. I am going to try your taco lettuce wraps! :)