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Monday, June 11, 2012


2 weeks of vacation, 
beginning in May,
 but not limited to May, 
which is spent on Bass Lake, 
and is shared with blog friends, 
family who are friends, 
and friends who are family. 
i love maycation.

 looovveee it!
here's why...

what a JOY it was to spend 3 days with blog-friend linda, from thoughts on these things, and her fellas- patrick, josh and jason. 

linda and i have "known" each other for 4 years in blogville. in that time i have valued linda's godly perspective and tender spirit, which is conveyed through her posts. i was GRATEFUL to finally real-life meet linda last summer.  after hitting it off in person i knew i HAD to spend more time with her, so i invited her family to join us for memorial weekend.  i HOPED our families would hit it off, too.... enter anxiety, and what if our families can't stand each other, and will linda really like me once the blog-fog has lifted and she sees how insane i really am!?!  
the anxiety subsided the moment linda's DELIGHTFUL family arrived. our families were a match made in heaven...err.. blogville... BOTH!

my sister, her handsome boys {who refer to me as "favorite tia denise"}, and my g-ma, josefina {seated on the deck in a cozy chair, because that is as close to the water as she would get},  joined us for a few days.  we enjoyed some lake fun as well as celebrating noah's 8th grade promotion {you know i'll brag about that in a future post}. 

God has been healing the relationship between my sister and i {this story is still being written. i look froward to sharing it for God's glory someday}.  it is a surprise and gift of redemption to both of us.  over the course of the last year my sister has gone from being tolerated-family to becoming my very dear friend.

 old friends
 the canedy  and gage family joined us for a FULL-HOUSE weekend.
i've known brother and sister, elliot and natalie since i  was 10! {elliot- bottom left. natalie is seated next to michael} their younger sister, lisa, was my childhood bff  {she currently lives in VA. how i WISH she could have been there}.  their family meant so much to me when i was young.  God used them to delight in me, mentor me, and to stir my heart to future hope. it is AWE-SOME to look over the past almost 3 decades {yowza!} and REJOICE in God evident in all our lives. i cherish these friends, who by God's generosity, have become family in Him!  
want to be popular with the kids? 
here's how...
oreo cookie pancakes. 
pancake batter with crumbled oreos mixed in, 
top with cool whip and more oreo cookie crumbles, drizzle in warm syrup.   
'nuf said.


stink eye

miller's landing
maycation came to a close with our families traditional dinner outing to our favorite lakeside establishment, miller's landing {home of the famous "fudge bucket}. 

after a couple weeks of maycationing our hearts {and bellies} are VERY FULL!
besides me {he he}, what blog friend would you most like to vacation with? 

do you have family that have become friends 
friends that have become family? 
tell me about 'em.


{cuppakim} said...

mmmm. this post.
i need to be on vacay. ASAP.
onion rings and fudge buckets.

this post is so much sunshine and water and happy.
i love all of it.
especially the onion rings.

also, i am still surprised to see michael without the scruff - are you getting used to it now? :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That is just awesome! Looks like so much fun and delicious too! :)

christina said...

OHHH that looks like soooooo much fun!

well my best friend just so happens to be my husbands yes to both :)

Stacy said...

One of these Mays I'm going to plan a trip back home and pop in on your Maycation because it looks way too fun!!! Will you make more oreo pancakes? ;)

Tamera Beardsley said...

What a small 'blog world' Denise! i was so excited to 'see' Lindsey's S I L. Lindsey's blog was one of the first blogs I ever was her blog that got me to start posting WIWW and even finding the Queen Bee. As a designer that had shuttered my business to raise my children...lindsey and her blog have helped me my what's next.

This being said...i was shocked to open your post with a picture of Linda...I have also followed her blog for the past year...and have been so moved and touched by her insight.

Your blog is so lovely and truly radiates LOve of family and friends in a very infectious manner Thank you for visiting my blog so I could find yours!

Tamera Beardsley said...

I never knew when I visited the first time, we would have So much in common!

Linda Z said...

You are the hostess with the mostess!! :) I am glad you are not anxious anymore!! And we are so thankful for Maycation, and the kids are still talking about it! Jason got a fishing pole for his birthday... hmm, where did he get that idea??

I am so glad to hear what God is doing between you and your sister. That is really awesome!!!

Tamera is also awesome... her daughter goes to Cal Poly. I keep telling her we need to go for a walk on the beach sometime when she's up here! One of these days...