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Friday, June 22, 2012

"it's a cruel, {cruel}, cruel summer"

it's really not a cruel summer. i just have the 1980-something bananarama hit on my mind on this the official second day of summer. 


did you notice the price of gas in the video?  1.48!  maybe it is a cruel summer after all?  gas is currently  3.81 a gallon here.  kinda makes me want to eat a lot of bananas and toss them at a police car, too... but not really.  that's just weird. 

you know what isn't weird... 
 making your kids jump into the local pool backwards so you can take goofy pix of them. 

your kids will tell you it's weird and your weird and blahblahblahblah,

but eventually they'll play-along, even if only to get you to stop blahblahblah-begging them. 

i love this guy.

earlier this week i dropped noah off at a college for a high school orientation over-niter.
at the event  incoming freshman were familiarized with high school staff, attended sessions {like percussion and film-making}, swam and bowled and played video games into the wee hours of the night, ate and dormed together.

the high school he'll be attending is intentional about creating community.  cool, right!

after i dropped noah off {and swallowed down a few tears}, emilie said, "it is easier for you to drop noah off because you trust the staff."  i responded,  "no.  i don't know the staff.  it is easier for me to drop him off because i trust noah."

trusting noah is good.  and he needs me to.  he needs me to trust him AND speak that trust into him about his character; to tell him he IS a young man who seeks wisdom, clings to truth, considers others, and is growing rapidly in grace.  

i have 4 summers left {gulp} to build noah up before he can leave our home {pleeeaaasseee don't leave}. i'm going to take every opportunity i have to do just that! 

i'm also going to take advantage of every chance i get to take goofy pix of my kids because these goofy images make me happy, and i'm going to NEED them 4 summers from now... and apparently i'm cruel like that. 

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Linda Z said...

Now I probably have to watch the Karate Kid... thank you for that. :)

Love the jumping pics. High school... ack! Can't wait to see Noah continue to grow in "wisdom and in stature." :)

Jill said...

Great pictures! Looks like everyone is having lots of fun! Enjoy because as you know it flies by so quickly.

thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting :-) Have a great weekend!


Pink Chai Raj said...

What a super sweet post, it sounds like you are doing an amazing job of raising your young man. My son just turned 8 and I can't believe how fast he is growing up! Glad to have stumbled on your blog today.

Pink Chai Style