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Friday, June 29, 2012


linking up with jeanett, with a week of instagram pix.
life rearranged

the kids camped out in the back yard all. week. long.
their rooms have been sparkly clean all week long, too. 
my sis and her family visited.
we introduced the bro-in-law to the s'more egg roll. 
i'm his favorite now. 
emilie sewed pillows for her bed.
josie baked bread again.
hello 9lbs i lost on the south beach diet. 
reading "A Horse and His Boy" to the kids
while they work on a 1,000 piece puzzle. 

play battleship. loser has to do winners chores!
 "big emily" with our emilie.
we have known "big emily" for 19 years. michael and i were her Young Life leaders.
i love how friendships happen.
i do not love that my emilie is taller than "big emily!"
{"big emily" isn't big at all. we've just called her that since our emilie was a baby}.
now  "big emily" has her own baby. kate.
a lovely little girl, libby.
we love watching "big emily" be a mommy.
she is good at it.
 i have read my bible everyday for 6 months
{first time in 38 years}.
1/2 way through!
God is cool, and His word is cool, 
and it's stirring me, and undoing me,
and that's good. 

draw a portrait of a sibling.
sand, prime, paint. 
one chair done.
 3 chairs, 1bench, and table to go.
campfire, s'mores, and worship 
in our backyard.

what has kept you busy this week?


Anonymous said...

I would like your family to come to my house. Your daughters can bake for me and sew me things. And your husband can fix up my nasty chairs. And your son can take my boys out and teach them how to be awesome. And you and I can go shopping and get pedicures. Ha! :)

Kelli said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Looks like you had a wonderful week!!
Enjoy your weekend

Gina said...

I love backyard camping, unfortunately around here the nights can be a wee bit chilly.....leaving me with three Popsicles in the morning!

We've been riding bikes, playing, running through sprinklers, you name it. And celebrating my birthday this week-its been a full, wonderful week!

Shawna Faye said...

Oh my gosh! Those water shots were priceless! Sounds like you have an exciting July lined up!

Linda Z said...

"God is cool, and His word is cool,
and it's stirring me, and undoing me,
and that's good."

Yes and so good! :)

Megan said...

Love your summer fun list and that you are reading that Bible! I have never made it that far, but should try again. Good for you!