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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kiss the Sky- Give Away!

We've opened our Etsy shop, 

In Greek, the definition of worship is to "come toward to kiss." 

Kiss the Sky was born out of Deut. 6:4-9, and a passion to landscape homes with prints artfully displaying biblical scripture, hymns, and songs.

Each piece is intended to enliven people to worship 
(come toward to kiss) God, daily.

 Come with us.
Kiss the Sky.

To celebrate the opening of Kiss the Sky, 
I'm giving away this 
10x12, Grace Saved Me, Stand Out Print.

Enter to win up to 4x! 

Here's how: 
1. Visit the Kiss the Sky shop and tell me which piece you like best. 

2.  Tell me what scripture, hymn, or song is significant to you.

3. Facebook, Tweet, or Blog about the Kiss the Sky shop, and leave me a link. 

4. Become a follower at Victory Rd. (if you already are be sure to enter your "i'm a follower" comment).



Shannon McKemie said...

I love the blue Amazing grace piece featured on your blog today. It stood out to me. I think it stands out because Grace is something that I need to learn to give myself and others more of.
Psalm 121 -cause He is watching over me no matter what storm that I've been through.

Anonymous said...

The Be Thou My Vision is my favorite, I love that hymn.

One of my other all time favorite hymns is also Just A Closer Walk with Thee!

btw... I'm a follower :D

Anonymous said...

Also tweeted about it at

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

I love the 1st Corinthians 13 piece! Beautiful! Your entire shop is wonderful.

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh - and I am a follower. :)

joy said...

Hi, Denise!'s hard to pick a favorite. I love the "This is the day." That reminds me of my mom. One of my favorite all time hymns is "It is Well with my Soul."

joy said...

I put it on FB.

Anonymous said...

Denise…I'm so proud of you. What you're doing is so beautiful and creative—a perfect expression of you. I'm so excited for your new venture and I'm holding hopes in my heart for you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I totally don't care about winning, I just wanted to say how incredible you are—to give you a comment hug. *squeeeeze*. So there it is. But for record…my favorite one is the 1st Corinthians one. So, so pretty.

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Amazing Love How Can It Be is a great hymn.

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

I tweeted your giveaway, too!

Amy Lynne said...

I love the Grace Saved Me! One of my favorite songs!

Unknown said...

So very fun, Denise. I posted on FB. I like the green one saying "This is the Day that the Lord has made." So many changing things around here. I like remembering that each each, with all it's surprises, is from the Lord.

My favorite song? Right now it is "In Christ Alone." Verse? Psalm 37:4 says Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Have a great weekend!

{cuppakim} said...

sooo. pick me.
i'd pick the be thou my vision.
which you already know. :)

{cuppakim} said...

favorite hymn? jesus i my cross have taken and come thou fount. the best :)

{cuppakim} said...

already blogged about your fun shop, but hey, hey, i'm tweeting about it too.
as soon as twitter starts working for me again. :)

{cuppakim} said...

i've been following you for dayyyyzzzzz girl!

The Chubby Dove said...

i'm following you.

welcome to etsy!


The Chubby Dove said...

beautiful work!

'this day i will be glad' and 'grace saved me' are my faves.

The Chubby Dove said...

i really love jeremiah 29:11 - gives so much hope and encouragement.


Lelia said...

I can't decide between the 'Be Thou My Vision' or the 'Grace Saved Me'! All of them are beautiful!!! Would love to own one!

afeistymom said...

I love the Do Hospitality and Grave Saved Me!

hannah singer said...

ohmyheck!!! LOVE.
the be thou my vision is amazing! xo

Jill said...

I love Be Thou My Vision, but love, love the green and yellow colors. You could put just about anything on those colors for me ;)

Jill said...

I am now a follower :)

Simply Sara said...

oh my denise.
you know i love you.
this shop is seriously the most beautiful reflection of your heart.
i am so excited for you and pray that this new adventure exceeds all your expectations.
because God is cool like that.


p.s the 1st corinthians one is my fav from your shop, although i also love the be thou my vision! :)

Simply Sara said...

i know i follow ya!

Simply Sara said...

facebook- check!

Simply Sara said...

favorite scripture of all time- Jeremiah 29:11

sigh...i am always needing reminding that He does indeed knows the plans He has for me. Good plans. To give me a future and a hope.


love you so, so much!!!

SnoWhite said...

These are stunning! I love the Be Thou My Vision one -- that was the song I walked down the aisle to!!

Anonymous said...

Just put a link to the giveaway on my blog! :D

Shan said...

Awesome stuff here Denise! I love the "I love you Lord" one!

Kristen M. said...

Be Thou My Vision is my favorite. The hymn was played during my wedding 15 years ago (yesterday).

Jamie Breckenridge said...

I'm a follower!!! I love your work D! Beautiful.

Lynette said...

I love the "This Day I will Be Glad" plaque. Love the color and the song!

Lynette said...

I am following your blog.

Lynette said...

I love "In Christ Alone". Great song!

Linda Z said...

I love the "This is the Day" one, but I also think the one with the dates and the song written in between is the neatest idea. :)

They are all so pretty... you two are doing such a great job. :)

Linda Z said...

I would have a hard time picking out a song. It might be the "Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone" chorus, "It is Well," part of Jon Foreman's "Your Love is Strong." I don't know... so many choices!! :)

Scripture would definitely be something from Isaiah 40 or Isaiah 61. :)

Linda Z said...

Blogged about it... hope some more customers come your way! :)

Laura said...

i love them all
don't make me pick one
it is just not possible

you know the quote I love...we have talked about it
ya know what else I love?
be still and know I am God
or simply
be still

these are all so great...what an awesome job!

Laura said...

...that comment is from ME...
the old piece of cake blogger ;-)

Holly said...

1. Be Thou My Vision and Do Hospitality
2. "o Taste and See that the Lord is Good!" Ps34
4. following:)

These prints are lovely, lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the 1 Corinthians one is my favorite. But I could change my mind at any moment. That's how I roll. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could ever choose just one favorite verse or song. Seriously. There's way too man good ones! Lately I've been really loving Sovereign Grace Music's "Oh the Deep, Deep Love." So beautiful. But there's a million more. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm a follower, at least, I subscribe to your feed, if that's the same thing. <3

In Wonder said...

love them ALL! and that you guys made them together. so cool. blessings ☺.

forever folding laundry said...

Okay, I have a few things to say.
First, you guys are super talented.
I love your shop.
I love your hospitality print - it would so great
in the guest room I'm gussying up!

Second, miss you.

Third, I'm married to a guy that loves Jimi Hendrix,
and grew up with my dad listening to JH.
Your shop name makes me think of his song.
Those particular lyrics always make me laugh
because I think this song is famous for people
thinking it says "excuse me while i kiss this guy."

Sorry. That's random.