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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


joining jessica, for a little bake it & make it, husband style. 

my husband "loves" pinterest.
he is "thrilled" that because of my pinning addiction his "honey-do" list of  projects:
kitchen make-over,
revamp a bedroom and part of the garage into a family room,
and landscaping,
has for the time being, been placed on the back burner to make room for my pinned honey-must-do list. 

pinterest tells me i NEED molding and an initial for the front door, headboards for the kids, a pallet coffee table outdoors, and a garden canoe.
 pinterest assures me that once i have these things i will be content.

pinterest is the devil. 

here is a bit of what the devil pinterest coerced me to entice my husband to get men-terested in.

rolled felt flowers by, craftiness is not optional.

this little pinterest project was tackled on a weekend get away with friends, jeff and kelly.

men "love" making felt flowers with their wives.
looovvvee it.

see how thrilled jeff is to be making flowers for kelly.  
it's every man's dream... flower-making.
right up there with eating quiche or watching pride & prejudice.
get  him to make some felt flowers and he'll think wish he died and gone to heaven. 

oddly, michael is in heaven when he is whipping something yummy up in the kitchen.  thankfully, he really enjoys baking.  baking terrifies me {i think it has something to do with following directions. directions terrify me, too}.  cool thing is i can pin all sorts of recipes on pinterest and michael will make them.  score!

i pinned these cinnamon roll pancakes and michael took the bait! 

he changed the recipe a bit, and added diced apples... you know to make them "healthy."
he also ditched the frosting. 
they were delish!
i'm purposely keeping a strawberry lemonade scone recipe i pinned open, hoping to woo his sweet tooth. 


to insure that i don't completely emasculate my husband,  i also pin manly things. 

my  power-sanding, table saw & router-craving, photoshop-loving man was totally men-terested in recreating this $129.00 pottery barn clock for me. 

my jack-of-all-trades husband {trades which aren't limited to crafting and cooking} showed of his burly man skills and made this clock for a fraction of a fraction of the cost!

here's a sneak peak at his handy work. 

i'll share details about the clock-making process in an upcoming post.

until then i'm off to pin.



Kathleen said...

ok, now I'm hungry!! Those cinnamon rolls look amazing.

Have a blessed Easter, Denise!

{cuppakim} said...

ok your cinnamon rolls sans icing look INSANE.
please ship me some.
thank you.

also, i love that your hubster is in full pintertest mode. i bet he thinks its the best invention ever.

and that clock is SO SO amazing! :)

excellent pintertesting!

Jessica Johnson said...

why do you kill me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. seriously. i love you. And I just showed Dave this post. Told him he needs to step it up a notch.

Linda Z said...

You are one crafty Pinteresting family!! :) I don't think my husband would ever cut out felt, but he will cook good things and he'll watch any period romance with me... including all of Downton Abbey. :)

I may create something tomorrow. I'm thinking about it. :)

Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

this whole post makes me smile. Such a lucky guy you have there! ;)

Sandy said...

I laughed out loud at this post. Loved it. I, too, am pindicted, but will probably never use any of the ideas.

You see I started to redecorate our house, I don't know, maybe two years ago...gave away a couch and half the kitchen there's a queen size mattress set in the living room and some Goodwill clothes piled on top as decoration...SO, I'm glad that you guys actually follow through. For me, life just gets in the way. :o)

Happy Easter!

Laura said...

nick decoupaged vintage roses to a dresser he painted and distressed.
I like a man who's sexy

and i have yet to try pinterest...I am scared

Gina said...

This is so funny! And your husband's a good sport! Can't wait to see the finished clock!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

You gotta love a husband that helps out like that! lol My husband helps me too... whether he admits it or not! :)

KellyH said...

You are such a lucky girl! I'm pretty sure my husband has never baked anything. I would love it if he made all the recipes I've pinned! I've gotta get him started making felt flowers if he's not going to cook me things!

TDM Wendy said...

I joined pinterest. and sue me but I'm just not that into it. But I love that your hubby made flowers. That's most impressive.