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Sunday, April 8, 2012

deviled eggs {gag}

deviled eggs are gross.


"i don't think there has been a better use of deviled eggs in culinary history"
than this...


jordyn said...

can i tell you a story? i've only recently acquired a taste for deviled eggs and one night i had a craving for them. so i made a huge batch & my husband and i ate them while watching that very episode of gilmore girls. unfortunately, i just ate too many. now they gross me out again. :)

Linda Z said...

Dude! Deviled eggs are awesome!! Maybe not dyed pastels colors, but they are otherwise yummy. I am sorry that you do not share my liking for them. It is slightly tragical.

But we do both love the Gilmore Girls and Jesus... so there's that.

Happy Easter!! :)

denise said...

Say it isn't so! Deviled eggs are yummy.

And can I admit that I had no idea what show I was watching with that video? Gilmore I know. :)

KellyH said...

HA! I love deviled eggs!