To Read on the Journey

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


"mommy, come here!"  they yell.
"mommy, mommy, come outside!"
 "come swing with us,"  they insist.
 i put down all the things that keep me occupied indoors: dirty dishes, tidying, sweeping, laundry, lesson planning, penny pinching, facebook... 

 and recess with my three people.

"look mommy, watch!"
i look. 
really look.
 and laugh.

"mommy, you should go on the swing!
come on, i'll help you."
as she helps we giggle.

she pushes.

and i swing.

they holler and cheer, "yeah! mommy, isn't the swing fun?!"  

it is fun.

after we swing they show me their fortress.
they built it together. 
 they lead me past the fort to a small patch of wild flowers. 

the wildflowers invite her to twirl in her tutu. 
she picks me a dainty flower from her dance floor.
he sits beside me, places his almost 14 yr old hand on my back.  
without words he tells me he is delighted i put down the meaningless for the meaningful.  
i listen. 
really listen.
next, they lead me over to a cluster of boulders, which they have named "bobcat rock."  i watch them climb.   

they show me the waterfalltrickle.
which leads into the creek. 

and i think about the gift it is to be, "mommy."
i am overjoyed that they call to me.
want me.
i'm honored to be invited into their backyard world. blessed to have it shared with me through their eyes. 

and i am so glad that i put down my not-important and 
took hold of my so-important.


{cuppakim} said...

you are a brave, brave soul swinging on that swing.
climbing those boulders.
but look at where you live?
and the amazing kids the Lord has blessed you with.


Linda Z said...

I LOVE trees. You have amazing climbing trees!!! I know... I have climbed many trees!

I love seeing you all delighting in each other and enjoying the beautiful creation that God has surrounded you with.

Anonymous said...

so many smiles. :)

Laura said...

and I love that I am ignoring my children calling me right now, so that I can read this. HAHAHAHAHA!

I did.

now, my dear....WHERE DO YOU LIVE??? THE ENCHANTED GARDEN? Seriously? Did you pop out of a fairy tale book? Do you all sleep in a hollow tree and the birds sweep your floors? UNREAL. Beautiful. So amazing.

And you look cute on a swing :-)

denise said...

Smokes! You have the most beautiful backyard I've ever seen.

Sweet memories can't be replaced by any amount of the "meaningless." I love that you took time for what matters.

Stephanie said...

Denise! Wow! I love everything about this post!!....that you put down the meaningless and delighted in the meaningful.. the pics of your beautiful kids.... your gorgeous back yard!! (wow)....that you jumped on that swing.... I mean, gosh...I felt like I was there with y'all. Thanks so much for that. :)

Simply Sara said...

yes, yes, YEEEEEESSSS!
i love that you said "yes"

i love that you really saw.
that you really were present to the presents in front of you!

you are the cutest family ever.
i hope we are just like you when we grow up.
seriously. we are coming for a visit to your enchanted forest.

miss you a TON.