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Monday, April 23, 2012


happy monday afternoon, friends. 

it has been warm here in cali. 

this past weekend it was up in the high 80's! 

the warm temps made it easy for us to concede to the kids' request to have a camp-out in the backyard. 

i said to michael that it was 'too bad we didn't have a movie projector, because an outdoor movie would be a perfect addition to the kids' camp-out.'

i didn't know at the time that michael had movie- projector-borrowing-capabilities!
woot woot!

the camp-out/outdoor-movie night was on! 

so we set up the tents,
and an old white sheet for a movie screen.
the kids invited a few friends over. 
i rented a movie {we bought a zoo}, 
michael popped some popcorn,

and in a snap we made the kids' first camp-out in their new backyard a memorable one. 

and now i'm off to make dinner~ stuffed bell-peppers & garden salad.  yum!

how was your weekend? 

what's cooking at your casa? 


Gina said...

Fun! We just watched that last week, I wished I would have known the premise of the story...I didn't realized why they bought a zoo-I cried through most of it! Silly me :)

We finally have warm weather here too. Warm like upper 80's-very unusual for this time of year, but nice, so nice! I won't complain, the clothesline is getting some serious use today! :)

Have a great week my friend!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Ok... that is just awesome! How fun! :)

Joy Kinard said...

Oh that is so fun! I love the idea of putting a camp out and an outdoor movie together! Great idea!

TDM Wendy said...

So fun! We just watched that about a week ago. Bummer that my son was introduced to the "d" word, but it was a good movie. I was thinking he knew all the bad words, but forgot about that one . . .
I was in Washington for the weekend enjoying rain and then sunshine!

Jessica Johnson said...

you are the coolest soon-to-be MOG in the history of the world. i want to camp at your house.

Sandy said...

You and Michael are making "remember-when-we?" memories for your kids. They'll never forget that fun night. Wonderful stuff.

Linda Z said...

How very fun! :) Did you like the movie? I'm a Cameron Crowe fan.

My husband used to have projector borrowing capabilities. Once we projected the finale of Survivor on a wall & my mom said she could see it clear up the street. :)