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Friday, August 16, 2013

10 Reasons Why I DON'T HATE Camping

You read that right, "10 reasons why I DON'T HATE camping,"
because I could easily list 20 reasons why I loath it-
muddy quarter showers,
needing to pee at 4 a.m.,
dirt. everywhere. dirt.,

washing dishes in a bowl,
noisy neighbors,
and did I mention the urgency to pee when it's dark o'clock, and the potty is a bazillion steps away, and it's insanely cold, and...

but I can't be a hater...
because my family loooooooovvvveees camping. 
So I suck it up, and take one for the team,

 and discover there are a few not-so-terrible things about camping.

 Like S'mores.  Thank you, Jesus, for whoever created the S'more! 

Outlets. I know, it's cheating, but this girl neeeeeeds her hairdryer worse than she needs a warm potty that's 5 steps away at 4 o'clock in the morning (if you're ridiculous like me I can tell you where the only camp sight west of the Mississippi with outlets is for a small fee). 

 Reading by lantern, flashlight, and headlamps. So cozy. 

Our usual100 degree temps are replaced by chilly mornings- wearing beanies, wrapped in blankets, while sipping hot cocoa.

Playing together- card games, Farkle, Rummie Cube, Speed Scrabble. 

  Beach time. 
And since we're at the beach, we HAVE TO grab a ridiculously delicious slice of PMH and a tee from PIZZA MY HEART for just $6!

We're also close to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, which happens to have dollar nights on Mon. & Tues. evenings. Who wouldn't want to ride a roller-coaster for a $1!

These last two are the top reasons camping isn't awful-
Michael does all of the cooking on his father's old Coleman stove.  ALL OF IT. 

And he makes me S'more French Toast.
And S'more French Toast may just be enough to move me from being a hater to a lover of camping.  

Do you camp? 

Live in Peace,

We're currently wrapping up a camping trip (one "last hurrah" before the kids are back to school). 
These photos are from our camping trip in 2011.


Linda Z said...

I don't camp. I have camped before, and that is why I don't camp now. Mostly I hate it because I can't get warm, and then I can't sleep. I cabin. Cabins are warm.

I'm glad that you and your fam are having a great last blast before school starts up!! Hope there are lots of great memories! And it's awesome that Michael cooks everything! Especially your s'more French toast. :) My kids would go nuts for that.

Joy Kinard said...

I might be willing to go camping myself for S'mores French Toast.

Kate Eschbach said...

I agree with Joy!!!

{cuppakim} said...

camping is SO not my thing.
but you do make it not look half bad.
i dont know if i'm really willing to convert though.
i much prefer heavenly beds and air conditioning.

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

I loooove camping too, but we have an RV now so it kinda feels like cheating: ) But it gets us out there and we're together--win/win!

Jessica Johnson said...

OK so here's my deal. I'll camp. But I won't RV. Because I can't travel with pee. And you should have stopped by to visit.