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Saturday, August 31, 2013


This month I made the leap from a dumb phone to an iPhone.  
I reeaaally like it.
I like receiving emails, and responding quickly to customers of our online businesses. 

It's snazzy being able to find the location of the post office in Los Banos when I failed to stop off at one in Chowchilla.  Even better is being able to find the location of the nearest Chipotle.
Facetime is cooltime.
I give the You Version bible app an A++   
Most importantly, I may have discovered the cure for momnesia in the Reminders app. 

I'm sure there are a zillion apps I am clueless about, but one that I am glad to be able to take advantage of is Instagram.  It's nice to sneak a peak into the lives of family, some of whom are in Maui and Australia. Keeping up with old and new friends is a bonus, too. 

Here's a peak at our month on instagram. 
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The girls with their friend, Chloe, filming "Game Show of Randomness" with host Kat Payjak, and contestants KC Shine and Eugene Alfred Fitzberg III. 

 We wrapped our summer fun up with a camping trip to Sunset Beach. L-R: New bike rack, Home Sweet Tent, toasted Bisquick dough, riding in Monterey, Sunset Beach, S'more French-toast, Pizza My Heart, Jellyfish so close, and finally there's nothing better after a camping vacay than coming home to a sparkling clean house. 

We celebrated the birthdays of dear friends, Jeremy & Diane Vacarro, and are grateful that they're 40 and WE'RE NOT! 

We had our 11th annual first day of school breakfast, and first day of school photos (Josie-6th, Emilie-9th, Noah-10th).  I'd like to insert that for months I have begged Noah and Emilie to wear "I'm the Big Brother" and "I'm the Little Sister" tees for their first day of high school together... you can see that they didn't humor me. Emilie did wear a bit of ink-work "He Sustains Me." *love* And like that my Soph and Frosh were off... #somebodyholdme

Sometimes Josie rolls down our bed and leaves scripture on our pillows. She trains this mama in the way she should go.

Michael and I have been mentoring some newly married couples(or rather they have been mentoring us -isn't that how it usually ends up).  This is half of our delicious group showing off their steak salads topped with onion rings (we feed them because we remember well that newly married couples can't afford to eat).   We've been through Sacred Marriage and a Song of Solomon series. This week we begin  Tim Keller's The Prodigal God.  I Can't wait! 

After a whole week of school "Girls just want to have fun!" 
The weekend was spent finishing a ruffled bed skirt I began for Josie in February (procrastinate much), and re-re-painting her room (I'll spare you the pic of my painted gray hair)
Each year our church, The Well, holds the State of the Church.
This year the pastor emphasized that 
 "We're better together than we are alone,"
and shared the many ways the church has been the church this past year.  

instapics- Worship with a packed house of God-sibs= MY FAVORITE THING EVER!
Michael and I have had the privilege of serving as greeters for the event for 2 years. 

These milk & dark chocolate chip cookies made by Josie are quiet possibly my second favorite thing ever.  Michael and I agreed that these are the best chocolate chip cookies ever made in our household in our almost 17yrs of marriage...and it took an 11yr old to accomplish that. 

And finally, beginning my day, and closing out the month with worship...
"Your Presence is all I need, 
It's all I want, 
And all I seek..."

Live in Peace,



christina said...

i need to follow you on IG asap!!! love these photos :)

Jessica Johnson said...

Well, this is the best news I've heard all week. iphone for the serious win, Denise. And now you can make videos!!!!! I miss you.

{cuppakim} said...

iLike iAugust