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Thursday, August 1, 2013

In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina (Part 1)

Hi Y'all!

So I know your all on the edge-of-your-seats-dieing-to-know how Michael and I spent our two-weeks-of-thank-God-Almighty-we're-free-at-last while our 3 were at camp!

Well, yu'll neeever giss, yu'llllll neeee'ver giss (unless your a smarty pants and could figure it out from the title)!
 We hopped on a plane and flew to The South (which to us is the east) to visit our friends' Spinner & Ginger in North & South Carolina. Yes, Ma'am. 

The Sou'th~
the place where 
1) Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter. 
2) Macaroni & Cheese is a vegetable. 
3) Front porches are wide and words are longer. 
4) Y'all is the only proper noun. 
5) Chicken is fried and comes with biscuits & gravy.
 6) Everything is Darlin'.
7) Someone's heart is always being blessed.

Old mill smoke stack.
We learned that back in the day folks who worked in cotton mills lived in mill communities.  The cotton mill companies actually built homes around the mills to rent or sell to their employees.
These mill communities even had baseball teams that played the other mill's teams.
I'm think'n  that I was  born in the wrong era and on the wrong side of the U.S.,
living and working and playing and worshiping in community sounds dreamy!
This is Spinner's childhood home.
Now this is Darlin'.
I wa'nt his fantastic parents to adopt me.    
The lovely view from Spinner's family lake house in SC, 
where we were privileged to stayed for a portion of our trip.
Blesses my heart. 

How we roll in The South.

"Spooner" & "Cooner,"
and me,
 modeling southern style.  
"I like big peaches and I cannot lie." 
Cracker Barrel.
Where I may have ordered biscuits & gravy as an appetizer to my breakfast...
when in Rome.

"Bojangles."  It's just fun to say.
I HAD TO sample their fries.
Grits. Ginger FORCED me to try them. 
They were gritty.
I will NOT eat them again.
And no, I will not try them with cheese,
and definitely not with shrimp.
Amish Moonshine Jelly?
Sweet tea & Bar-B-Q!  
Southern BBQ "will make your tongue smack yer brain!"
 One says "Greenville" the other says "Greenvul." 
One pronounces it "App uh lay shun," the other  "App uh lah chun."
Tomato, tomahto.
 They're both wonderfully  "Made in the USA." 

Spinner & Ginger for hosting us, and for sharing your lives, your wonderful people, and your Southern history with us. 
We are incredibly blessed to call you friends!
Live in Peace,


{cuppakim} said...

heads carolina, tails california
somewhere greener, somewhere warmer

tell me you know this song. and you sang it.
if not, look it up. SO good.

both carolinas?!!? they are for sure on the top of my "states i need to visit ASAP" list.

this looks like a great trip.

moonshine jelly.
and giant booties. i mean peaches. awesome.
amazing. what a great way to spend those two weeks :)

Linda Z said...

Sounds like the best ever double date! So glad you got to hang with your sweet friends and have some fun! Hope your heart is full and joyful! :)

Stephanie said...

Love this girl... Looks like y'all had a ton of fun. I agree with you though... The Carolina's are are definitely more east than South.... Coming from a girl who has to drive 12 hours North to visit my daughter there. Lol. And we have a mill community not far from here. I always thought it was fascinating!

Spinner said...

I would like the record to show that there is nowhere further "South" than South Carolina. If it wasn't for South Carolina, there would be no "South".