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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Maycation 2013

This year's Maycation was short and sweet.  Short because it was only a week (boo), and sweet  because we said "good riddance" to the South Beach Diet, and "come to Mama" to the Bass Lake Beach Diet.

Maycation Highlights:
Spending time with our dear friends, the Cannedy's and Gage's. The Bass Lake house is lively with 18 of us in occupancy (There are 12 fantastic kids between us)!
 S'mores, worship and twangy tunes 'round the campfire.

8 kayaks filled with our bunch racing through Bass Lake's Willow Cove.
Seriously 12 of the MOST AWESOME kids I know, who made memories together  skiing, kayaking,  playing rounds of Air Soft, Werewolf, Alien, Sardines, One Big Happy Family, Mau, Just Dance, and Guitar Hero. I want to steal everyone of the kiddos and make them mine!

The Favorite junk-cereal breakfast bar. A combo of Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, and Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries is a breakfast cereal yum fest (it's also part of a well balanced Bass Lake Beach Diet)! 
 After our guests left (which was not a highlight), our family took it's annual end of the school year outing to Miller's Landing for dinner and ice cream. This Mama's heart was so full sharing this memory making time with my family. As my three (who after this week will be a sophomore, freshman, and 6th grader) devoured burgers and fries, snapshots from years past at Miller's flipped through my mind. Time flies. Sometimes I wish I could make it stop.
 Being invited to a BBQ by new Bass Lake friends.

Eating Kristen's cookies (Kristen is a blog friend from Idaho, who trekked 3x to Cali with her family for Maycation). Kristen's makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER (Select the following links to drool as I munch on them in Portland). 
Coming home sweet home. We are REALLY grateful to the in-laws, who share their lake house with us at the end of our homeschool year when we're SICK of being home. Maycation at the lake helps us change gears and roll into summer, and time away from home helps the heart grow fonder for it.

 Here's a snippet of our gang sing'n 'round the campfire. 

I'd give you a nibble of a S'more, but the Bass Lake Beach Diet required I finish them off.

Live in Peace,


{cuppakim} said...

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your maycation.
it might just be the s'mores.
but i'm pretty sure that's just the cherry on top.

all of it looks amaaaazing.

Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

This makes me want to go to Bass Lake, like right now. And have those s'mores.

Linda Z said...

Glad you had an awesome Maycation and got to eat your favorite foods! :)