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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blessings for Emilie (part 1)

Last spring when Noah turned 13 I had in mind to throw him a "bro-mitzvah."  I envisioned men gathering for a hearty meal of BB-Q.  I imagined that after they inhaled their grub each man would welcome Noah to manhood with words of Blessing.

It would have been an unforgettable time... for me.  Noah, who doesn't care to have attention showered on him, wouldn't have enjoyed it AT ALL.  So I ditched my "bro-mitzvah" plan (and surprised Noah with a Gorilla instead) and asked the men I would have invited to the gathering to welcome Noah to manhood with words of blessing written to Noah.   Their words of encouragement, Truth, charge, and understanding of these transition years had and continue to have an incredible impact on Noah (and me).

(In the near future I will blog some of their godly, humorous, and moving words spoken to my boy)

As Emilie's 13th birthday approached, I had no reservations about whether or not she would enjoy a blessing party where women would welcome her to womanhood by lavishing her with love and affirming words.  I was CERTAIN she would LOVE it... and I was 100% right!

Here is a glimpse of the decor, food, and my girl walking through the door to SURPRISE!

Emilie's silhouette painted on mason jars served as vases for vibrant flowers. 
Emilie's great grandmother (Vava), Josefina Teodosio's crocheted table cloth and pink bed covering from the "old country" served as table cloths.

Emilie's great great grandmother, Marie Pickering's china was used.

B/W photos of Emilie through the years were hung on twine with clothespins. A few cherished baby items were on display, too (what a sight I was draped over the hope-chest in tears going through all my baby's things).

A simple yet filling taco salad, Chinese chicken salad, and fruit kabobs were on the menu...
leaving plenty of room for what we KNOW women really want...Dessert! 

 And Cookie Dough Dip with Granny Smith apple slices, chocolate graham crackers, pretzels, and Nilla wafers for dipping (this was a  BIG HIT). 

The punch looked pretty, too.

Emilie, who had been at the water-slides with her father and siblings all day celebrating thought she was coming home to a simple dinner and dessert, was blindfolded on the drive home and had no idea was was in store for her!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her joyful face seen in this short video as she was greeted by the dozen of us who waited to shower her with an evening of Blessings!


Anonymous said...

You haven't even posted the blessings yet and I'm already all weepy. What a lovely idea. I hope this is something we can do for our children too.

Jessica Johnson said...

To begin, I love that I'm not in your video this time. Although I'm sure it was a glorious occasion. #2, I was looking for a third dessert item for a shower I'm hosting on Saturday and I found it in that cookie dough dip. GENIUS.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That is the sweetest, most beautiful party *ever*... the joy on her face is priceless!! :)

Anonymous said...

So sad I couldn't be there! I love that her body looks to big for her. A whole lot o' good brewing in there.

Kelli said...

What a sweet party. You did such a wonderful job!
Ok Cookie Dough Dip...YUM!!

Kathleen said...

This is brilliant!!! Everything looks so beautiful, too.

I remember being that age and the women in my life (the wise sages) were and still are the ones I wanted advice from.

It's wonderful being with inspirational women who could mentor us through those transforming years. Emilie will certainly be blessed by it.

christina said...

Awwww you did such a great job . You can see all the love in the details :)

Megan said...

This is such a beautiful blessed she is to be surrounded by His love!

bekkah said...

i loled at "bro-mitzvah" haha awesomesauce.