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Thursday, July 5, 2012

beware of bares {instagram}

linking up with jeanette, 
life rearranged

it's been a busy week here in our neck of the woods. 

 the maui cousin's, luke and nicholas, are staying with us for 6 days!
my kids could not be happier. 
because we only get to see them once a year, we are squeezing 
every ounce of memory making fun into our week together.

we began with a memorable hike to the bass lake falls. 
we hiked clothed, 
but a bare was spotted. 
the kids enjoyed swimming and sliding down natural water slides. 
michael and his brother, christopher, enjoyed seeing 
their kids playing together in their childhood backyard.  


ice cream from miller's landing was a post falls must. 

on our maui cousin fun list was 
a nacho libre dinner/ outdoor movie/camp-out night.


 michael and christopher grew up watching the fireworks from their 
family's boat on bass lake.
so seeing luke and nicholas experience the 4th of july on the lake was a must! 

   these yummy blue n' strawberry shortcake jars 
were the perfect dessert for the boat. 


 not pictured is that i took the kids {minus josie} to see 
the amazing spiderman movie.
it's not pictured because for the first time ever
i did not stay with them! 
they enjoyed the movie, 
and loved their independence. 


Josie loves being fabulous.  
50+ bracelets,  3 tutus, red sunnies, and a shining personality
  make fabulous possible. 

she does not love king snakes discovered in our yard.
{*shiver*  i'm with ya, josie}
maui cousins want to take it home as a pet.

in non-cousin news, 
 pinterest is the devil.
for fun i searched for pixie cuts.
a few hours later i walked out of a salon looking like this. 

What's going on in your neck of the woods this week?


Joy Kinard said...

Oh girl... what is in those Blue n Red shortcake jars? I think I have everything on hand to make those today! Fun!

Megan said...

Your hair is adorable! I love it! How fun to have cousins visiting...and 'Nacho Libre' is one we haven't seen yet.

Gina said...

Super cute hair! I miss short hair during hot summer days.

And your fabulous girl is too adorable!

And......who in their right mind would want to hike naked?!?