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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

He Is

When we arrived at church Sunday a.m. the church pillars had been tagged.  Our first reaction was disappointment that the building had been vandalized, but as we came closer it was evident that the words written on the pillars were not those of foul play but instead resonated with the many characteristics of God.

Our church's summer series is, "He Is."  The messages declare who Jesus is in both the New and Old Testaments.   For instance this week we studied Jesus as Redeemer, and saw Him as the promised Redeemer in Genesis 3, just sentences after Eve ate from the Tree of Good and Evil.  We learned that the moment sin reared it's ugly head God was right there with promises of Redemption! (He still is).

After the service we were invited to grab a can of spray paint and "vandalize" the pillars with who "He Is" to each of one us.

  As I watched others spray their words I wondered what their stories were...what it was that caused Jesus to be "Healer. Life. Love. Friend. Grace. Mighty..." to them. I praised Him for the ways He magnifies Himself to each of us so uniquely and wonder-fully.

As I read the words I prayed for these characteristics of God to not just be written on the pillars of our church building, but that who "He is" would be the pillar (a firm upright support for a superstructure)  for each person-the church.

Who "He Is" to me at this time in my life is "Breath."  
I think of God breathing life into Adam (into dirt).  
I find myself needing Life breathed into me daily because my "lungs" are easily deflated.  
I feel them collapsing as I wrestle with my desires for favor and worth.  
I feel the "wind being knocked out of me" when finances are a struggle.  
I feel like I'm out of breath when worry about my children's future and our future consumes me.   
These things can be suffocating. At these times I find myself asking the Spirit to fill my deflated lungs with who "He Is."  
I pause and breathe Him in deep.  The Spirit breathes into me- Truth.  Savior.  Provider.  Hope.  Future. He Breathes into me "God is God there is no other!"
I inhale and He FILLS ME deep with HIM.  


 Tell me who "He Is" to you at this time
in your life.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how God leads you to things you need to see or read. I am a new reader of yours and as I read this I just smiled. God is to me, right now in this season of my life, my pillar. The only thing holding me up at times.

joy said...

what a beautiful exercise. thanks for sharing.

joy said...

He is courage to me now. pushed return too soon.

Anonymous said...

He is faithful.

christina said...

Love this idea!!!

He is ... Good!

Kathleen said...

What an awesome idea!!

He is my Rock.

Ginger said...

Powerful, powerful post.

forever folding laundry said...

wow. that is awesome.
i love it.

it sounds trite to say, but right now,
to me, He is God.
i just ordered a print from pen and paint
that says "be still and know"
taken from psalms 46:10.
sometimes - many times - i need to be reminded
to just be still and KNOW that he is God.
i have to stop worrying and know
that He's got me covered and is the eye of my storm.

sorry. that was wordy. :)