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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i'm possible.

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one version of dueteronomy 29:29b says, "The truth that has been revealed to you will not be taken from you or your children's children."

i love that.
love it.

i count on it.

i count on all the truth that is being revealed to me to belong to my children and to my children's children!  is there anything that i want more?  no.  absolutely nothing.

if you contrast my childhood to my children's it would be evident that i had so much of the opposite of truth poured into me.

but God.

He had people written into my story, who at the time seemed to play a very small role, but i see now were strategically penned in to illuminate Truth.  These individuals were devoted to, spoke of,  and pointed the way to God. They gave me nuggets of Truth that i now know were tucked into my being.

one of those nuggets was was given to me on Christmas day 1980.
(let me set the stage a little on 1980:  i was 7.  my sister and i had been living with my mom and first step-dad for 1 year, exactly.  that year my dad began bullying me, telling me a number of times and in a number of hurtful ways that i was not his daughter.  pot and promiscuity were not hidden from my young eyes}. 
  this nugget of truth came by way of a blue record player & record given to my younger sister and i by our first step-grandparents.  the record was Bill Gaither Trios,' Just For Kids.

my sister and i enjoyed the independence we had having our very own record player.  we played our record again and again and again, singing and parading around our strawberry shortcake bedroom together to the Trio.  one song on the album quickly became a favorite for us both, " i am a promise."

"i am a promise. i am a possibility. i am a promise with a capitol "P." i am a great big bundle of potentiality... 
i can be anything, 
anything God wants me to be." 

slather on the blue eyeshadow and listen to this vintage gaither.

i can't begin to explain the impact these lyrics had on that 7 yr old girl.  they caused me to BELIEVE  i. was. more.   intended to be NOT what my circumstances had assumed i would be,  BUT what God wanted me to be.

"it doesn't matter where you live, 
who your daddy is, or what you look like...
you can be exactly what God wants you to be, 
and He has something very special in mind for you."

did He ever! 

so today i praise God for the people He so thoughtfully and generously wrote into my life to bring Light into my darkness.  i praise Him that He is the God of all Hope. i count on Him to continue to reveal His Truth to me, and to also give this Truth to my children, and my children's children.  

what nugget of Truth did God give you as a child, 
that has not been taken from you?


hannah singer said...

i love you. praise jesus for these nuggets!
thanks for reminding me of this song. WOW.

Thea Nelson said...

You are awesome, Denise. Love your "But God" of a testimony! I think two things I have known from my young childhood were that His hand was upon me and His Holy Spirit within me, but also that He had established a fortress of protection around me. I didn't always appreciate it (and sometimes resented it!) but I am growing to love His protection.

Gina said...

I love that song, my mom in love always sang that over my kids when they were babies...always.

I think the biggest nugget I ever received was at a youth camp, it came through a picture in my mind of God placing his thumb over me. He was printing me with him and declaring that I was his. It is a such a precious truth, one I remember often! I love "but God" moments, he is so good!

Linda Z said...

Oh, there are so many songs from childhood that stick with me. I love the truth that I received that way.

I learned from Psalty that God makes me a new creation... the old thing pass and away, and he makes things new in Christ.

I love that God used your little song in your life in a powerful way. I am in awe of who God has made you and what He has redeemed in your life. He made you amazing!! :)