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Saturday, December 10, 2011

t'was the christmas with a "tweenager"

last year i made the girls christmas shirts {and valentine's day, st. patrick's day, & fall shirts too}. thankfully they still fit them. well, josie anyway. emilie's fits her, but she doesn't fit it. she's 12- a "tweenager," and apparently "the other 7th grade girls don't wear mommy-made shirts"... whatev.

thankfully josie is still a little girl, who WILL wear mommy-made shirts! she will wear them and tutu's and mismatched socks until she is 30! because she will be immune to tweenageritis. right josie!?!?

as for emilie, well, i guess it's cool having ONE tweenager {don't get any ideas josie!}.
today i have to finish the last of the christmas shopping, and i have to admit that what i am looking forward to the most is spending the day with her, my "tweenager."  spending the day with emilie in the front seat, singing christmas music together, hearing about her world, her thoughts, her tender heart.  spending the day asking for her opinion, valuing her, absorbing her thoughtfulness and delight will be joy in the christmas shopping chaos.  it's pretty rad {"tweenager" talk, right?} having a daughter who makes me feel like she is having the time of her life being with just me! - because she does that.  i hope she knows i feel the same way about being with her... even if she won't wear my mommy-made christmas shirt.


Gina said...

I love this, and those shirts!

And I am so excited for when my kids will be able to sit in the front'll be nice to have someone to chat with-even though I know I'll miss their sweet little kid faces in the rear view mirror! Your girls are so cute!

Karen said...

I know my adult (gasp!) daughter and I loved spending time with Emilie at MOPS on Thursday. Such an amazing girl! We both were touched by her graciousness, joyfulness, and her tender spirit.

Laura said...

make me a shirt.
I'll wear it :-)

my oldest daughter ordered a latte today, instead of hot chocolate.
so bittersweet

Linda Z said...

I'm getting some glimpses of the tweenager coming out in Josh. Does it have to happen?? But we have wonderful talks, too. :)

If I could squeeze into Emilie's shirt, I would wear it! I'm wearing some Christmas socks right now that would match really well! :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

So sweet! I'd wear one of your shirts ;)

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

I WOULD wear that cute mommy made shirt any day: ) You are amazing and your kids are blessed to have you as their mommy! Warms my heart to read about the "rad" times you are both enjoying--praying for the same outcome over here. Merry Christmas friend!

hannah singer said...

beautiul. goodness they're cute.

also, i would like a christmas shirt. please.

love you.

hannah singer said...

merry christmas! love you!