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Thursday, November 10, 2011

oh happy day!

 sharing just a bit of how i've been spreading my God-colors this week.

the happy day project: day one- bring a treat to a neighbor
we have been living in bass lake for 2 months now.
did you know we use to live here?
we lived here for 8 of our married years.
when we lived here before we had a wonderful neighbor, donna.
she was is a gift from God.  a gift!
donna lives alone, with her cats.
we still call and visit her {though hardly ever}.
she considers us family.
we should love donna better.

remember how i mentioned we have been living here for 2 months.
guess who still hasn't called or gone to see donna??
uh huh.  loser old neighbor.
i've been full of excuses.
happy day project shut those excuses up. thank you happy day project.
monday the kids and i stopped by donna's and surprised her with a bouquet of fall flowers.
we went back today {thursday} and visited for a while. we're going to see her saturday too.
we're going to love donna better.  we are.

the happy day project day: day two- a written note.
we printed up the printables and wrote a handful of notes.
emilie wrote one note to one of michael's co-workers; a kind man who lights up whenever the kids visit. i know her thoughtfulness is going to bless his wool socks off! she wrote another to a friend who will be blessed by a bit of encouragement.
i wrote one to a friend i've had since 6th grade. i know receiving a note in the mail will be a good way for me to wrap my arms around her even though she lives on the other side of the country.
as we were writing notes emilie asked why an unexpected note would matter to someone.
i tried to explain, she didn't get it, but wrote anyway.  that evening emilie was at youth group. there are 70+ jr. highers there.  there are about 20 leaders.  when we picked her up she shared with us that she had received a unexpected note from a leader that she didn't even know noticed her.  she expressed how meaningful it was to her receive the thoughtful note.
how COOL that God showed emilie first hand how meaningful blessing others with kind words can be.

the happy day project: day three- gift card to the homeless. 
like many, i have a tender spot in my heart for the homeless.
i look at them and see someone's child; once held by their mother. that mother {like me} hoped and dreamed for her child.  i want someone's child to know the Redeemer and Author of Life.
i see them and think of my own mentally ill father, who is paranoid schizophrenic. he could be on the streets instead of a hospital.  that man on that corner could be someone's dad.  the dad of someone who loves him still. I want him to live in Truth.
i think of an aunt and cousins who have been homeless.  numbing her pain was more important than housing. i get it. i ache for her.  i see that woman on the street trying to numb her pain.  i ache for her and want so badly for her to know the Rescuer, Life-Giver.  
i think of george. i praise God for teaching me through george who the least of these really is... me.
we picked up some in-n-out giftcards to keep in our car to give as we see need.
and, as always, i will pray for the One True God to show Himself, to lavish His love on, to magnify His mercy, to provide for, and to lead His homeless children in His grace and truth.

what is a way that God has gifted you to bless others? 


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

This is so wonderful! What a special gift Donna is. Love the flowers you gave her... beautiful! Handwritten notes mean so much to receive. Love the idea of keeping gift cards in your car to give as you see a need. Your actions are blessing so many. Love it!!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

wow, love this whole deal. donna, and your motivation to reach out to awesome. and wow! so crazy that your daughter got a handwritten note that night!!! super cool. don't you love reminders that you are not alone in your parenting because GOD is parenting them too?! and your words about the your mercy. it is inspiring.

Sandy said...

You bless me, Denise, with your sweet, tender, caring heart for the less fortunate. This is a beautiful post about reaching others with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

Haven't been reading blogs in recent months, but heard that you're moving into a new home. Congrats!

BTW, Linda loved meeting you. I think maybe you two are twins separated at birth plus two years. Happy-shared-birthday on the 16th. :o)

{cuppakim} said...

oh how i love the happy day project.
for reasons like everything you posted here.
gift cards in the car.

love seeing God working. diligently. intentionally. HUGELY. including that little note to emilie. one little thing, was SO MUCH MORE. :)


keep it up :) <3

hannah singer said...

yes!! hooray for the happy day project!
it has inspired us to be more intentional in showing mercy and love. the lord is doing mighty things!


Linda Z said...

I'm so blessed in seeing how you blessed others! So neat how you reconnected with your old neighbor and how your daughter received such a special, insightful note. I still remember how some of my youth leaders encouraged me way back when! :)