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Friday, November 4, 2011


linking up with jeanette at life rearranged for another week of insta-sharing!
life rearranged
1. caramel stuffed apple cider cookies 2. we opened up the house for a wci staff halloween party last friday. the staff kids carving pumpkins. good times 3. hannah carving her first pumpkin ever!
4. we picked up the keys to our house sat. a.m., arrived at the house to work on it, and were greeted by the "SOLD" sign! 5. michael carrying me over the threshold {we do this every time we move in or move out of a place. we are weird like that} 6. nasty dog-peed-on carpet removal.

7.gettin' my mask on. have you ever been to a lush? you should. it's awesome. 8. gettin' their halloween on~ teddy bear, dog, and scuba diver.
9. michael priming the turquoise away {we've also said good bye to green, red, yellow, pink, blue, light green, purple, and a bouquet of painted flowers}. 10. gold knobs before. 11. carbon mist knobs after.
12. had to make a run to fresno for more paint from the depot, yogurtland was my lunch. i unintentionally went with a fall colors theme. 13. this brilliant fall tree stopped me on the drive home. emilie said, "it's so beautiful. i wouldn't have even noticed it if you hadn't stopped" thank you jesus for stopping me. i NEEDED to stop, take you in. 14. my girls in matching jammies, cuddling. i love how they adore each other.
15. i woke up this morning to josie hollering, "there's snow! there's snow! there's snow!"
the kids are outside playing in it now.
 16. they used ALL the snow to make a snowman.  looks like home schooling has turned
into snow schooling.

happy november 4th all!


Linda Z said...

I love you threshold move! Perfect!

Your kids are adorable with their costumes and snowman! :)

The knobs came out beautifully! I'm wondering if I can do that with some kitchen hardware!

And I'm in love with the tree! :)

Paige said...

Awesome!!! Love the for the house and even more fun carrying you across the threshold!


hannah singer said...

looks like a great week!
love the new doorknobs. and the fall tree-beauty!

i miss you, denise! praying you are having a fabulous friday! xo

Anonymous said...

Snow?!? Wow! And what? No keeping the bouquet of flowers on the wall? lol! Yes, I have been to lush and love it. I'll get my lush on anyday!

Jessica Johnson said...

you don't like a bouquet of painted flowers on your wall? weird. SO jealous of the snow.

jordyn said...

so sweet!! and i love those door knobs (the second set) -- sooo much better than the gold ones.

Chrissy said...

Love so much about this post~

It's awesome that you are in your new house! Can't wait to see the finished pictures when you are all moved in.

I love how much your love for your kiddos just radiates from you.

Both the ice cream and the tree look amazing. : )