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Friday, June 26, 2009

bathing suit cover-up

i was trying on $20 bathing suit cover-ups at target last week, and thinking $20 is a lot to spend on something i want, but don't need. i mean i think i need it, covering up is VERY important to me, but i couldn't rationalize spending $20 for something i could live without.
it's not that i am incredibly cheap (okay, i am kinda cheap), i'm just incredibly practical. come on, non of us are rolling in it ($) these days (if you are could i come over and roll in it with you?). i know that i have to be a bit more mindful of where the $ is going, and being a bit more creative certainly helps.
so, i stood there in the $20 cover-up and thought about what i could use instead to cover up this 35 yr old, post babies, body i am not in a whole lotta like with.

then it hit me...make a cover up!
but how? out of beach towels!
so i got myself back in my clothing (thank God for clothing) and headed over to the beach towels, where they had some incredibly CUTE beach towels for just $5.99.

for that price i could make cover-ups for my girls as well.
so here you have it, emilie in her beach towel cover-up!

I think it looks GREAT!

Do you have any creative summer savings tips!


lindsey said...

very cute! you did a great job, but i want to see what you look like in yours...

Denise said...

lindsey, fat chance!

Simply Sara said...

I'm totally with Lindsey on this one. I was fully expecting a picture of you!

Kristen said...

tutorial! tutorial! tutorial! or at least send me the instructions :o)

super cute. you did a great job. i love it!

i would love to see yours! i want to make one - are they easy???

Family Jules said...

Cute, cute, cute.
Too cute for my hips, but cute on her.

Heart2Heart said...

What a remarkably talented and creative idea this is. I am will be following suit.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Jessica said...

Very cute!! And those towels you found are really cute, too. ;)

pink and green mama said...

SEW CUTE !!!! I want for me and one for each of my mini-mees! Great job. It reminds me of when I needed curtains for our family room and got clearance table cloths at Target that I used as the panels with clip rings..I love thinking out of the box! : )