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Sunday, January 25, 2009

a child will lead them

my emilie lead the bell choir today at church. she is 9, and she lead the bell choir!! here is a sweet conversation emilie and i had this evening-

"emilie did you enjoy leading the bell choir today?"

"yes, i really liked it. it was a really neat experience for me to get to lead, and i am just a kid."

"you are a good leader."

"thank you."

"do you like to play the bells, as much as you liked leading?"

"oh yes! i really like to play."

"you are a good leader and you are a good follower too. it is important to be a good follower. being a good follower makes you a good leader. do you understand?


" i am proud of you. you are learning this lesson young. i have just begun learning this lesson in the last few years. don't forget it emilie, remember these lessons you are learning."

"thank you. mommy, do you know what i didn't like about leading?"


"i didn't like that i was getting all the recognition for leading, but the team wasn't getting any, and they are the ones that played."

"hmmm, emilie, that makes you a good leader too, you see that it takes the whole team to make it happen, everyone doing their part."


"emilie i am proud of you. not just because you did a great job leading today, but i am proud of your heart, and the shape it is taking."

"thank you. mommy, did you ever get to have an experience like this when you were 9?"

"no emilie, but watching you today was my experience. seeing MY little girl honor and bless God, serving Him with her gifts, emilie that was my experience."

i am a blessed mommy ! and even as i type that i wish that i could express to you the magnitude of those words. God is good, HE is the EVERLASTING GOD, and has BLESSED me with the desires of my heart! i did nothing to deserve this life. all i can do is marinade in His many, many, many, many, many, many.... blessings!


Kristen said...

what a wise and beautiful heart dear emilie. morgan needs a friend just like her :o)

you should be proud denise... she is turning into quite the young lady.

woo hoo emilie for leading the bell choir- way to go!

Cari said...

I especially loved her groove! :)

Denise said...

kristen, emilie and morgan will really enjoy each other!

cari, yes! didn't you love how she danced (bopped up and down) as she lead.

lindsey said...

oh my sweet emilie! what a precious heart that girl has. you are a great mommy, denise, and have helped so much to shape her to be who she is. its also amazing how many good qualities and traits can be passed down through a middle name!

Denise said...

lindsey erin,
yes, "erin" does mean peace or peacemaker. emilie has surely shown these qualities.
her life still teaches us to "be still and know that He is God."
think of all the good qualities your girls could have had had their mommy followed through (after bribing me with cookies), and given one of them the middle name "denise" (which i have read means, wise discerner, worshipper, and happy spirit).
you missed out!

Anonymous said...

emilie, how can a heart in a little person be so big, i know you don,t see what we see; but that is just you i know the choir has been blessed beyond their dreams with this gift you have given are so beautiful.
i love you!

Shirin said...

I love that word, Marinade... and I also loved the knee bopping.... when the spirit says "move" whatcha gonna do but "move"?

Linda Z said...

I absolultely loved this post!! :) What a precious girl you have.

I have been crying a lot about the topic of leadership lately, but this had me crying little tears of joy... a very welcome and healing relief. Thank you! :)

Alana said...


BethAnne said...

So sweet! Sounds like her parents have done a great job instilling values in her......

Dionna said...

What an amazing child. You have a right to be so proud.