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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

call it a resolution if you have to

i don't do New Year's resolutions. it's okay with me if you resolve to do something. i will support and encourage you. but i don't.
i do Monday resolutions. i usually resolve to begin something next Monday. i'll begin walking again next Monday, get up early and read next Monday, begin that project next Monday, commit to practicing my guitar next Monday, quit smoking next Monday (i'm NOT a smoker, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention).
this Monday i resolved to do something, it's now Wednesday, and it's going well. Woohoo for me!!!!
you see, i am a time waster. uh huh, i waste time, piddling around, procrastinating, putting off for tomorrow (or next Monday) what could and should be done today.

i was talking to a friend about this the other day. she sighed and wondered what it was like to have time to waste. she has 4 kids- ages 21 months, 4,7, & 8. she is very busy juggling her time. every moment is valuable, and unwasteable.

i remember those days. i had no time to waste. i remember well the days when my kids 1,3, & 4 required (demanded) all of my time and energy.
but now my kids are 6,9, & 10. they can do a lot on their own. they get their own b-fast, wash their own dishes, make their beds, dress themselves, put away their own toys, empty the dishwasher, feed the dog, sweep, vacuum, dust.... and do you know what that means for me- TIME, TIME, WONDERFUL, GLORIOUS TIME!!!!

you can't blame me for wasting time. i had been so hungry for it. i wasted just a little at first, enough to sit down and catch my breath. but then i wasted a little more, and then a bit more, and then finally a lot more.

i have become selfish about MY time, believing i deserve it. i have tuned out things that need to be accomplished, and sadly, i have tuned out the people who matter most to me.

i am not happy when i know i am being selfish. so i'm gonna stop. i'm gonna stop abusing this spare time. i'm going to start using it wisely.

so this Monday i began a To Do Time Journal. i am writing down the things, big and small, that i want to accomplish each day; drink water, clean the junk drawer, play a game with the kids, practice guitar, pay mortgage, mail the last batch of Christmas cards (told you, i have been wasting time), and so on....
once i do something on my list, i cross it off.
in just a few days i can see that it has been so good to budget and spend my time well.

hmmm, maybe by next Monday i will not have anything to resolve to do... but it's not likely.


Kristen said...

i am a list maker. i love seeing when i cross things off the list. it does help keep me focused, but i can still get distracted easily. i should make the list of must do each day and "get to do" if all the must do's get done.

i am glad that your lists are going well for you. i am sure it feels good. it is hard when you get that little bit of time to not just soak it up. i have a bit of a selfish streak in me as well when it comes to wanting "me" time. sometimes i get too caught up in the "me" time as well. thanks for reminding me to not be so focused on my time but the people who need me most.

BethAnne said...

I have kind of the same more intentional about what I do rather than simply going from one thing to the other. To be honest, I havent really done too well at it as of yet.....I am trying though. Get those Christmas cards in the mail...they will be a great surprise to many people ;-) Or put a heart on the envelope and call them Valentine cards.

Brad Huebert said...

Living in the now.... huge stuff! And well put. THanks for stopping by at my blog too.

If God has asked you to do this list, go for it! :) Just remember the stuff you need to be careful about, as you remarked on my comments.

BTW, have you read my recent book? It's called FINDING HOME: A PARABLE OF KINGDOM LIFE and it hits this thing on the head.

God bless, you seem to have a great heart.

Alana said...

I don't do resolutions either. I can really relate to this post, I need to start making lists again...hope you are successful in your endeavor!

Anonymous said...

focus! when i am there i feel in control, safe, and productive; maybe not in that order but at the end of the day i feel better, i do not do resolutions, maybe because there is too much to chose from, and pressured.I could blame it on men- o- pause but i won,t , is that a word? .
thanks for listening

Linda Z said...

I don't do resolutions either. But I definitely can be a procrastinator... I can always improve in that area as well. :)

Sarah Markley said...

the whole time thing is the most difficult. I totally agree. great post denise. i don't want them to get older, but i think about what kind of time i'll have when they do.