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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry ChristmasMy prayer for you this Christmas and New Year-
"Let us love Him! Let us love Him! He made us, and He is near.

He did not make things and then walk away.
He remains intimately involved and all things have their being in Him.

See Him.
There He is, where truth is loved.

He can be found within the very heart, even if the heart strays from him.
Wrap your arms around Him who made you and hold tight."

St. Augustine


Kristen said...

great pictures of your beautiful family!

Merry Christmas neighbor :o)

Shirin said...

Merry Christmas, right back at ya!

Sarah Markley said...

i think i have that same grey sweater! ha.

tell michael thanks for the pix and i'll post them tomorrow. he has a site, right? i'll link him.