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Sunday, December 14, 2008

the cookies that saved christmas

i am not a baker, and i don't love to cook. i blame it on my mom (hi mom), she never allowed us in the kitchen while she was cooking. she did allow us in the kitchen to clean it. i am a great kitchen cleaner.

i was a little overwhelmed when i had 2 cookie exchanges to bake for this weekend. agghhhhh! but then, i found this! sarah, over at the blog short stop is making cookies every day during advent. and she is sharing her easy, delicious recipes!

i made the caramel meltaways, gingersnap cookies, and the peppermint cracker candy.

these cookies were a big hit.
thank you sarah for the cookies that saved christmas!

now onto other random things...

i have a starbuck's name. you know how the barista asks your name, to write it on your cup, then calls it when your drink is ready. well, i tell them my name is rachel. however, sometimes i forget that i told them my name is rachel, and my drink just sits for a while waiting for rachel to pick it up.
so here is the reason my starbuck's name is rachel- a few years ago i was with a high school friend at a starbucks outside our home town, there we ran into a guy from high school. he remembered my friend's name, but he forgot mine, thought it was rachel. i was shocked! because i think i am pretty unforgettable :-)

and another random thing (watch out bethanne, i could get use to this)... "irregardless," do you think it is a word? i don't think it is a word. but a lot of people like to argue about whether it is a word ot not. at least a lot of people i am around like to argue about whether it is a word or not.
(hi people!)

hmmm, what other random thing can i talk about?? GUESS WHO I GET TO MEET NEXT WEEK!!!!! SARAH MARKLEY! i am SO EXCITED! what if i act weird and quirky. i act weird and quirky when i am nervous and excited.

a little more randomness... so we're going to southern california next week, and there is always one reason i do not like to go to so. cal. CLOTHES! i live in the mountains people. it is totally acceptable to wear keen sandals with wool socks here in the mountains. i don't do it, but you would not be frowned upon if you did. here in the mountains you could wear the same clothes for a week, no one would care. in the mountains people who wear over sized sunglasses and carry dressed up little dogs in tote bags are laughed at. we like our dogs big, wearing the coats God gave them.btw- it is totally acceptable to wear your apron like this in the mountains.

i do not have the glow (tan). i am pasty white! it's 35 degrees here today (okay, for some of you that is not cold). is it warm there? do i have to pull out the summer clothes? summer clothes and cookie exchange season do not go well together.

see, it is already starting! i am getting quirky and weird because i am going to meet sarah!
i am also on a bit of a sugar high (mmm, those cookies are good).
i hope sarah likes me "irregardless" of my quirky nevousness. if it doesn't seem to be going well, i can always introduce her to rachel!


Shirin said...

Apparently your NAME is unforgettable. YOU, however, are anything BUT unforgettable. No, UNFORGETTABLE is NOT a word to describe you. You can check with Natalie Cole for clarification. In fact, YOU are MEMORABLE.

And, please be sure to save some of those peppermint cracker candy cookies for me - I looked up the recipe - yummy....

Kristen said...


the cookies look good! your peppermint cracker candy looks so pretty - mine wasn't so pretty. probably because i am a bit impatient with the breaking it apart stage. those cookie are so yummy - my hips are showing just how yummy they are :o)

sarah will love you! you will be your wonderful self... have fun. wish i could be there meeting with you girls.

oh and i love that you have a starbucks name. you are definitely not forgettable.

Linda Z said...

Nice looking cookies, nonbaker!! :) They look yummy to me!

My friend Jonathan calls my Stacy, so I call him Matteo. He totally thought my name was Stacy for some reason... so sometimes when I hear someone named Stacy, I think that's my name, too. It's weird. Oh, and by the way, my brother would have been Denise if he was a girl. :) But alas, he is Greg.

Irregardless is not a word, it's a double negative. That is my argument to the "people."

And finally, I think you should be totally weird and quirky mountain people when you meet Sarah. The OC needs that. I'm sure you 2 will get along famously and have a wonderful time!! :)

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

What fun - you get to meet a blog friend! I just went over there and she's awesome! Love reading her blog....such great stuff!

I'm going to try the peppermint candy recipe this week - thanks!

Looking forward to some mail from you...yours will be on its way soon, I hope! ;)

Sandy said...

maybe head to a tanning bed - lol!

it's fun to meet blog friends, I've met several myself! great memories ...

Sarah Markley said...

first of all, rachel, you are simply crazy.

wear your apron, your wool socks, whatever. no one cares.

also, i'm pasty as they come. seriously. don't go fake tanning for anyone down here.

can't wait to see you!! =)

Linda Vujnov said...

I hope that we can meet too...uh Rachel.

Be sure to bring your flip flops, it could turn 80 just at the moment you have all of your wool sweaters packed and ready. Plus, all teenagers wear wool sweaters, jeans, and flip flops, even in the rain.

Mary said...

and once've rendered me speechless...De...Rachel...

Jennifer said...

You are not quirky or weird - you are a cutie-patootie. And you never could NOT be even if you tried. Irregardless. :)

(NO it is not a word! I can barely even type it!!! Spellcheck, spellcheck!!) :)

hannah singer said...

yummo cookies!
also, i adore you. especially because you are a bit quirky. quirky FABULOUS. gorgeous, too.

happy christmas!