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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This Tuesday we set up our annual Free Hot Chocolate table. This was our 5th year giving away free cocoa to the community. It was cold, buurrrr. Perfect weather for hot cocoa.
A new edition this year was the Sierra Singers, from our church. They joined us, and sang Christmas carols as we gave out cocoa.
It was such a blessing to see people get their free cocoa loaded with marshmallows, whipped cream, and a candy cane, and then to watch them enjoy beautiful carols that speak the truth of Christmas.
It is my prayer that each person we come in contact with will one day receive the free gift of life which was given to us in Jesus that first Christmas.


Filatore said...

Can you ship some of that hot chocolate-y goodness to the east coast?

I promise to sing a Christma Carol while I drink it....

Kristen said...

i love it! i love your banner too - soo cute!

i love love love your new header - the pictures are great.

Anonymous said...

so fun , another great year,and worship with friends, jesus was lovin this.
your a special bunch
love mom

Sarah Markley said...

beautiful, denise. can't wait to see you on sunday!

Jennifer said...

I remember this from last year... is that POSSIBLE? Good grief, it's getting scary how fast the days and months and years fly by.

I'm finally back online and trying to catch up with my peeps! I've missed y'all!

Hope you have a very merry Christmas, Denise!