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Saturday, October 18, 2008

these are the people in your neighborhood

i "skype met" kristen, and she is terrific!
and now, i cannot wait to meet her in person.

and kristen, i'm sorry that my first words to you were, "i've got a wet spot."

i encourage you all to read this post from sarah, and know that i too am grateful for the fellowship i have with each of you, "the people," here in "blogville."


christi said...

i love sarah! she's a good family friend and quite possibly to sweetest and most grounded woman i know. adore her.

Kristen said...

You crack me up :o)

I loved meeting you via skype. I can't wait to visit again. And I truly can't wait to meet you in person this summer. Lance did a mapquest to see how long it would take to get to Bass Lake - about 11 hours. Totally doable. I will be in need of R & R after that many hours in the car with my kids but it will be totally WORTH it!

Thanks for meeting me. I hope you had fun at the football game. I totally voted for you to be homecoming queen.

Alana said...

You guys are so cute and fun! Do they have three way Skype ;-)