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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Kristen and i have been bloggy friends for some time (Kristen is also the wife of my sister-in-law's husbands cousin...did you get that?). Some months ago, Kristen had a post about her great neighbor, and mentioned that there is a home vacant next to her. From then on i have imagined myself as Kristen's neighbor, we have even begun to refer to each other as "neighbor."
So you can't blame me if i want to meet KRISTEN! But there is no way this Cali. girl is gonna get to Idaho.

i'm suggesting we meet via SKYPE (which by the way has been my plan for a month, even before she posted this)!

Tune in next time to see Kristen and i finally meet (kinda)!


Shirin said...

You are so funny! And so very Fred Rodgers! When you get to Heaven you can introduce yourself by singing his theme song and just think, you'll be his neighbor and Kristen's too!

Anonymous said...

Denise you are such a joy, and a nut!! Never change i love you aunt vivi, Why you could be Mrs. Rogers or should i say Mrs. Jones oh i forgot you are Mrs. Jones so start your own show Mrs. Jones and her neiborhood!!* Kisses and Huggs*

Kristen said...

You just made my whole entire day!!! Seriously! I heart you neighbor!!!

Family Jules said...

Wow, that Prozac is really working!


You are weird in a great sort of way.

Alana said...

You are cracking me up. I get Kristin is honored!

Jennifer said...

I used to dream about my sister being my neighbor. Well, that isn't going to happen, bummer, BUT... she's moving to the neighboring town! Good enough for us. :) Happy days.

I love video blogs. Fun, fun.

Linda Z said...

Oh my goodness... you are cracking me up!! Did you do it all in one take, cause that was good! :)

Sledgemate said...

That's a special song. Special for you and special for me to. I like that way you sing. It takes a away my mad face and turns it into a glad face. Its not the clothes you wear. Its not the color of your hair. Its you, I like. Sure.