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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just Hello!

Really i have nothing to post, i'm writing just to say Hi!
i'm thinking that once i begin to type i'll start to babble about the goings on around here, but they're not all that interesting.

Take today for instance-
Michael made french toast, bacon, and eggs for b-fast. it was yummy! He always makes Sat. a.m. b-fast., and it is always yummy.

After b-fast, i went to praise team practice (which was suppose to be Thurs., but was rescheduled because everyone else got snow- i live in a no snow zone :-(the snow stopped 2 miles up the road).

When i got home i cleaned the house.

Later, we went to get groceries, and a few other items. We got a new t.v. (is that interesting?), actually the great g-parents got us a t.v. (thanks for the Christmas gift!).The old one shook, and was dark, and sometimes flat-lined. it was taking a beating (really, because we'd hit it to resuscitate it). it was time to go.

i did visit a man from our church at the hospital today, God is going to take him home soon. i needed to tell him, i love him, and that he has been an encouragement to me, that he has modeled to me perseverance and faithfulness, that my song for him is "Be Thou My Vision,"as he has kept his eyes on Jesus in very difficult circumstances. it was good to be with him and his wife (of 57 years, their anniversary was yesterday), to meet his children, and to share stories. i will miss his presence in my life (but thankfully not forever).

And now i am home.

The kids are sleeping.

Michael is setting up the t.v., and doing all the man stuff that goes with that.

i am typing just to say hello, and realizing it was an interesting day after all.

Btw- my next post will be my
100th! What do i do?
You have all had such creative ideas. i want your suggestions, what should i do for my 100th post?


Kristen said...

Hello! LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header!!!

My 100th post is coming up soon - I think I have two more posts before my 100th. I think I am going to do 100 things about me- I have noticed this on some other blogs - not original or creative.

Have a great weekend!

mary said...

You should write about 100 things you love about where you live. Okay, maybe this would have been better on your 10th post!!! Seriously, I would love to read the 100 things in life that bless you. I think it would help us all to be reminded of ours.

Earen said...

DENISE...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new picture at the top of your blog! I want to copy you! So awesome! And Hello to you! Your 100th post is awesome...I personally did a give-away, but I enjoyed asking everyone what God did in their lives this past year.

nikki said...

Hey Denise ! For your 100th post you should do "100 most memorable moments of the past year" ! SO like your trip to the Azores, Uncle Pluto, new babys, dinner time prays etc. !

lindsey said...

how about your 100 favorite things about your favorite sister-in-law? that would be tough, i mean you'd really have to narrow down the list to keep it at 100. more ideas to come.... (although there's no chance they'll be this good!)
and your day looked really good to me!

lindsey said...

how about the 100 things you do everyday as a mommy that go completely unnoticed? like turning socks right side out, taking link out of the dryer trap, fluffing the couch pillows... the really important stuff.

lindsey said...

100 words that make you smile? examples: lindsey, sister-in-law, san luis obispo, help with sewing... now you only have to think of 90 more!

lindsey said...

maybe 100 things you'd like to do this year...

lindsey said...

post 100 of your favorite pictures

lindsey said...

100 favorite foods.... never mind, not very interesting

lindsey said...

are those enough ideas, or do i need to give you 93 more?

lindsey said...

100 stories about your kids/ funny things they've said/ journal entries...

JRsuperstar said...

I think i have a minute to tell you all the things that i can tell you but i type so slow my time is almost up so for now...just Hi from me. JR...come down to the flat land sometime with the sheffie doodles and mrs doodle. Love ya both
John Riding aka

Jennifer Partin said...

I am not creative either! :)

How about 10 "Top 10" lists?

i.e Bible verses, favorite posts, favorite vacation spots etc.

Can't wait to see what you decide!

Sarah Markley said...

Nothing original here - I like Jennifer's idea and all of Lindsey's. 100 mommy things - that's cool. =)

Alana said...

Hi Denise,

Looks like we have some common blog friends ;-)

Thank you for your comment. Your music suggestions look right up my alley...thank you!

Did you decide what to do for 100 yet? Mine was not all that creative, just 100 things about me. It was fun to do, though.

Love what you said about your friend who is about to go home to Jesus. Beautiful.