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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Falling in love with Jesus

"I think the most important thing that happens within Christian spirituality is when a person falls in love with Jesus.
Sometimes when I go forward to take Communion, to take the bread and dip it in the wine, the thought of Jesus comes to me, the red of His blood or the smell of His humanity, and I eat the bread and wonder at the mystery of what I am doing, that somehow I am one with Christ, that I get my very life from Him, my spiritual life comes from His working inside me, being inside me.
I know our culture will sometimes understand a love for Jesus as weakness. There is this lie floating around that says I am suppose to be able to do life alone, without help, with out stopping to worship something bigger than myself. But I actually believe there is something bigger than me, and I need for there to be something bigger than me. I need someone to put awe inside me; I need to come second to someone who has everything figured out. All great characters in stories are the ones who give their lives to something bigger than themselves. And in all the stories I don't find anyone more noble than Jesus He gave His life for me in obedience to his Father. I truly love Him for it."
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller


Jennifer said...

Absolutely loved the last two posts. I've been reading about justification today, trying to wade through some dicey stuff... but the simple truth is just how you described it. We need a Savior, we need saving... from ourselves.
You're not the only recovering Pharisee... we're a whole Church of them! But we're also His Bride, and He is busy making us beautiful. Amazing.
Great posts.

Earen said...

Thank you for your spiritual encouragement. I'm so grateful to have a saving trust in the Lord...don't know what I'd do without Him or His molding of me.

Sarah Markley said...

I love this book...the first half made me mad when I read it, but it totally redeems itself and makes me think! Great post.