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Saturday, January 25, 2014 really want something

This week I'm going to share a bit of the journey to Peace the Lord took me on this last year.  But before I get started, join me in taking a look back at where I began.  

Originally posted January 2013

My word for 2013 is Peace.  

 I didn't choose Peace. It has, over
time, been choosing me; whispering in my ear to "take hold" of it.

The thing is for a long time I didn't want it. Taking hold of Peace meant relinquishing control, and nestling into Sovereign God.  And as much as I wanted the later, this control-freak couldn't give up the reign over her own life.  


Sometimes the way God communicates mercy is by allowing us to experience some turbulence.  Discomfort is often the quickest way to get this knucklehead to recognize she needs the God-of-the-universe to step in and take over. 

Here are just a handful of areas where I have held onto the reigns and missed out on the peace I have so desperately NEEDED: 
God's will

I'm tired just recalling for a moment the emotional agitation just one of these areas have caused me (and my family- sadly, the 4 I love the most have had the ugly consequences of my lack of peace projected onto them).

I'm also grateful for the turbulence.  I think a person has to really want something before they can fully receive it.  It took a long season of being emotionally weary and frenzied to cause this girl to finally WANT Peace

And this year, I BELIEVE Peace can AND will be mine.

I believe it because Jesus gave peace to me (and you) for the taking.

"My peace I leave with you; my peace I give you." 
John 14:27a

"Peace, peace, to those far and near," says the LORD. "And I will heal them." 
Isaiah 57:19

(these are just two of the more than 200 verses that speak of God's Shalom-peace). 

Since His peace is mine for the taking- by faith I grab hold of that peace-gift, and of the VICTORY I already have in Christ my Savior, and I...

A hurtful relationship can't take His peace from me. 
Comparison or fear that I don't measure up cannot take my God-given peace from me.
A change in financial circumstances or in my health can't take His peace from me.
The liar Satan cannot take the LORD God Almighty's peace from me.

With His peace ruling my heart 2013 is going to be a very good year! 

Live in Peace! 



Sandy said...

Blessings for a peace filled year to you and your family. Shalom

Jessica Johnson said...

Girl. YES. To all of this. I can't to hear how He used this word in your life in 2013. Miss you and love you.

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

May His peace be yours!!!!

Tegan Aubrie | Twelve13 said...

That is a great word. One that feels very unattainable in a household with a kindergartener, a toddler, and a newborn (5.5 months to go)... but a mama can dream. :)