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Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello Monday

Linking up with Lisa Leonard
Hello Monday. 

Hello "Time Flies...when you're having fun,"
14x14, Reclaimed Wood Clock
added to the Kiss the Sky shop. 

Hello to another week of the Daily Message.
 1& 2 Chronicles, you kicked my hiney! 
2 Corinthians, you are so delicious.
Hello second week of school.  
Only 170 days left.
Noah is taking a lot of cool classes at the digital high school he is attending.
The coolest class (in my opinion) is guitar. 
Last week he taught me how to play Jason Miraz' I'm Yours

Cute high school boy+ electric guitar+ I'm Yours= Swooning. 

Hello Bon Voyage party for Ginger
who's traveling the country for a month, 
then headed to Italy for 2 months, then off for more adventures until March. 
 I'm glad I got some time with her all to myself in Pacific Grove, Monterey, 
and Carmel last month.

Hello to my flower-girl, Nicole's wedding 
  rehearsal- 1996

to my girls being her jr. bridesmaids
(they are SO EXCITED). 

Nicole's Bridal Shower
(Nicole's fiance Joey has been touring the country 
with his band From Indian Lakes.
He also happens to be the grandson of Frank Beardsley & Helen North-Beardsley, 
who inspired the film, Your's, Mine and Ours.  
Most importantly he shares his birthday with me
which makes him off-the-charts cool).

 What are you saying hello to this week? 


Ginger said...

What a fun week full of unique adventures! Hope you all continue to be blessed this week.

Rita said...

Cute pics. I love that clock!


deborah said...

How fun for your girls to be jr. bridesmaids! I can imagine their excitement.

Love the tidbit about your flowergirl's fiance.

The clock is so, so neat!

Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said...

So love that clock! I need one for my living room! I love weddings! How exciting!!

Kelli said...

Love the clock!! Love all of you pictures...looks like fun.

christina said...

my husband tried to teach me guitar once...hardest thing I have ever tried. I was made to listen to good music...not play it :)