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Sunday, January 22, 2012

insta-friday eventually

joining jeanette for some belated insta-friday on sunday, 
life rearranged
with pix from the janphotoaday challenge
(see side bar for details)

 in your bag
pleated poppy clutch FILLED with "i heart bob" key chain, gloves, mini-bags,
shout wipes, guitar pick, old school flip-phone, 
i-pod, and ALWAYS my lipstick. 

something you're reading
on my own- Daily Message
with friends- Devotional Classics
as a family- Jesus Calling
to my kids- A Wrinkle In Time
braided emilie's hair to get waves and the tweenager LOVED IT!
AND josie's awesome outfit and personality
tea cups n' saucers given to me by michael's grandmothers

taking my boy to algebra carpool
at brrr o'clock
lake around the block
something you bought
2 nights at a motel for a young homeless couple
with a 12 day old baby
(not what i planned on buying that evening)
dark chocolate sea salt rocky road with lavender nib shared with friends
s'more egg rolls shared with other friends
someone you love
visited someone i love here this week- my dad.



Holly said...

love your pics- hope your Dad is ok

KorinaB said...

Denise! You were 20 minutes away from me! Let me know when you are coming next and we can do coffee :D

Anonymous said...

you had me at s'more egg rolls. :)

Christie Clair said...

I just want to say thank you for sharing about your dad. I needed to read the honesty in your words today. Blessings...

Kathleen said...

beautiful tea cup collection. So special.

Laura said...

I have missed you!!!

I am always so happy when I see you have written
love your honesty
and ability to see the light in the darkness

the perfect post to read before I close my eyes tonight

Laurie J said...

s'mores eggroll--i'm intrigued. 'Jesus Calling' = phenominal devo. happy weekend!

Linda Z said...

I love it all. I love that you blessed that couple in need... Jesus' hands.

Can we have tea and you can tell me how your visit with your dad went?