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Friday, January 27, 2012


joining jeanette for another week of insta-friday, 
life rearranged
with pix from my week and the janphotoaday challenge
(see side bar for details) 

 it's been an exciting week here because emilie got braces!
(we're easily excited)
for 2 days pre-braces i gave the go ahead to munch on all the 
"forbidden" treats she'll have to forgo for the next 26 months.
by wednesday morning when it was time to get her braces on 
she was doped up on sugar 
and raring to go! 

you never know what kind of response you're going to get with a tweenage girl
(okay, any aged girl) regarding matters of change to appearance.
i was relieved by emilie's skipping and declaration after seeing her adorable brace-face,
"i look so cute!"

i told her she's cuter with them, if that's even possible.    

now on to the janphotoaday challenge.
these photos were taken on a date a few years ago when our van broke down
and we were waiting for the tow-truck.
good date.

roller-skates.  laundry is fun when i'm on spin-cycle too!

something old
after an ortho appointment this week the kids and i went to antique stores
(counts for history in home schooling, right?!)
these corning ware dishes remind me of the play dishes i had when i was little.  

guilty pleasure
mr. bubbles and candlelight
because one guilty pleasure is NOT enough~
emergency chocolate in my closet
(note to self: milky way bag is almost empty.
replace soon or suffer the chocolateless consequences!)

something you made
wrapped canvas' (with michael).

suitcases and red bench
(while antique shopping, i was on the hunt for more suitcases)

tell me, 
what is something old you treasure or a
guilty pleasure you'd rather not live without?


Linda Z said...

I love Emilie's brace-face. She IS even cuter! :)

I love that you are roller-skating around your house. I wish I could do that in my house. :)

I treasure old friendships. Even if I have lost contact with a person, I cherish the memories we made.

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous suitcases! I also love the canvas you guys made.

jordyn said...

braces look great on emilie! so cute!

amyhersheyskisses said...

Your girl looks sweet with braces. :)
I love chocolate. But I can't go a day without coffee!

The Hill Hangout said...

Roller skates=genious! So fun! Love the suitcases. Love the braces. Love the canvas. Love it all. Thanks for stopping by The Hill Hangout!

Laura said...

well, my husband is pretty old....and I DO treasure him!

coffee is my guilty pleasure
I drink it all day long

and have the brown teeth to prove it :-(

you are so adorable, by the way

Unknown said...

I laughed the "antique" corningware. My mom had a lot of that as I was growing up (in that exact pattern) and I don't know that I am old enough to think of things from when I was little as "antique" :)

Rollerskating while doing laundry is fantastic!!

Nicole said...

love your idea to pig out on forbidden foods. yay! :)

also lovelovelove the suitcases.


Gina said...

You make laundry look fun, I'm afraid I'd get very little done around the house if I wore roller skates-too much falling :)

My guilty pleasure? I'd have to say chocolate too, my emergency stash needs replenishing though...

And something I treasure? My weekly coffee date with one of my closest friends, worth the 530 am wake up to get get home in time take the kids to school.

You look adorable in your hat by the way!

forever folding laundry said...

What a cutie patootie in those braces!
It totally works for her.

And love your reflection pictures!
You two are cute.


janel madden said...

I have a painted trunk that my mom gave me for my high school graduation...I've dragged it with me everywhere, college, apartments, homes. It is my bed side 'trunk' and holds all my & my husband's stuff (treasures) that's left from high school it was my grandfathers to boot...I love it! That's my treasure. god's Blessings on your week ahead!

hannah singer said...

cute indeed! hooray for braces(?)
love LOVE the reflection. wow, you are beauty full.
i adore you. xo

Cherry Tree Lane said...

Oh, it's all so sweet.
Thank you for sharing, Denise.

Holly said...

Love those suitcases, and your daughter has a beautiful smile, braces or no braces. :)