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Monday, November 23, 2009

Homes Cool in the Mommyhood

Yo Dawg!
Yo,Yo, Yippity, Yo!

Watch this sick video of the
Gangsta Science Rappers-

(Noah, Emilie, & Josie)
N Hood a.k.a. Busta Beatbox, Lil' Emilie J, and J.J. Nugget

Video by "D Chill" (Mommy)
("coolawesome" word rights belong to Busta Beatbox)

Want to Create your own rap name? Go here.


Simply Sara said...

Ok, that is about the coolest rap I have ever seen!
Your kids are adorable... uh I mean such gangstas!

That totally made my day "D Chill"!

beth said...


Laura Cuneo said...

Nov 1, 21 & 23 have to be my favorite postings of yours on the right.
Excellent rap by you chillins. Sooo adorable!
Keep up the good work mom (& dad too).
~ Laura (Welch) Cuneo

Family Jules said...

The middle gangsta' has her Mama's rythum! Go white girl!

togetherforgood said...

Sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

oh that from me aunt viv and happy thanksgiving huggs !!

Anonymous said...

woohoo you go kids !!

denise said...

You have the coolest kids ever. Word.

Anonymous said...

so fun
love grammi

Kristen said...

i love it. we have had to watch this over and over again... my kids loved it too!