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Monday, November 30, 2009

30 Days of Thanks!

Nov 1. - thankful for God's grace. i need it.
Nov.2 - my girls playing together so sweetly.
Nov. 3 - noah's good hugs, and thinking the same thing.
Nov. 4- sleep
Nov. 5- portland, or. beautiful fall colors, and time with kristen (idaho mom)
Nov. 6- God, and that he made us each unique and wonder-full (the german and mexican couch surfers, glen, the batoligists, a witty arizonian man named corvin, and his sweet/tolerant wife).
Nov.7 -kristen, wading through portland, gondola ride, and Disneyland in my mouth (the melting pot).
Nov. 8- my hungry Spirit and Bob.
Nov. 9- my awesome family, i LOVE coming home to them!!
Nov 10- Chocolate Milk Tuesday and Spinner's spin on it.
Nov 11- being plugged in with my guitar at praise team practice! ahhhhh!!
Nov 12- that God loves my neighbors.
Nov 13- cherry pajamas, "color me mine," and memories made with sylvia, maddie, emilie, and josie.
Nov 14 -quiet
Nov 15 - i "threw up" and now i feel better. and i hugged a falcon (a ford falcon) a perfect way to finish my 35th year!
Nov. 16- Birthday breakfast for dinner! Discovering that i'm the whole package (of candles that is).
Nov. 17- surprise packages in the mail, and overcoming my fear of changing the guitar strings.
Nov. 18- coffee and reading thomas merton with michael.
Nov. 19- it's a GIRL, i'm going to be an auntie!
Nov. 20-good food, good worship, good people.
Nov. 21- Fall colors
Nov. 22- singing with Sylvia. that God changes the score to- Life 1, Death 0.
Nov 23- my funny gangsta rapping kids.
Nov 24- kristen's cookies for lunch (sshhh! don't tell anyone).
Nov 25- property taxes are payed
Nov 26- good stuffing. vava crocheting emilie's table cloth.
Nov 27- aunt vicki's strength and grace
Nov 28- a christmas tree, plus a fridge and cupboards full of groceries.
Nov 29- Psalm 23- he provides, leads,breathes into me, is with me, tells me who i am, protects, gives freedom, chases me with his love, is my home.
Nov 30- my home that is filled with laughter, giggles, peace, kindness, and love. i am BLESSED!


togetherforgood said...

What a wonderful list!!! :) (I like November 24th-- sounds like my kind of lunch).

denise said...

What a beautiful list! I love this post.

Simply Sara said...

I loved watching you add to your list everyday last month. What a wonderful post to look back on and realize all the things we can potentially take for granted.
You are truly a blessing to me Denise!

Betty said...

Lovely list. I've been trying to head over here for a while...I know I've peeked at your site a few times and now cant' remember if I've commented. Thank you for your sweet, encouraging words a few weeks back.