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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last night, while sitting on the couch, watching t.v., and sewing bears, I said to Michael, "I love Noah." He asked, "Why," assuming that Noah must have done something to cause me to say this. I replied, "no reason, I just LOVE him."
10yrs ago at Christmas I was pregnant with this sweet boy. We had our ultrasound that month, and baby had just begun kicking. I kept a journal for baby, a Christmas entry says, "Mommy's scared, and I'm so unsure of myself, what is God thinking."
I was 24, married just over a year, and wanting so badly for the future to never resemble my broken past.
Noah means- peace and rest. And in Hebrew- complete, whole, nothing missing, nothing broken.
God wrote Noah's name on our hearts 10 yrs ago, and He made a promise to us that the generations to come would be His.
As we think on Peace this week for advent, we recognize that we have this PEACE because of Jesus. I have a heart filled with gratitude to the promised One, who makes all things New, Complete, and Whole!


Earen said...

What a sweet picture of you both! You are very pretty Denise & Noah is darling. What a gift you've been given & from what I've read on your blog, the Lord has given you great wisdom in teaching him because he's turning out wonderful!

Sarah Markley said...

Complete and nothing broken: that is who we are in Christ!

Family Jules said...

There you go getting all sappy again. Dang it.
I thought Noah meant "You want me to do what Lord?" Have a baby? Now?"
Good thing he blessed you with such wonderful, sweet, adorable kids!!!

Kristen said...

great picture - beautiful post - i was so touched by your words

Jennifer Partin said...

Beautiful picture of the two of you. What a blessing and precious gift He has given you.

Loved what you wrote. Touching. Truly touching.

Renee said...

You are beautiful, and what a handsome little man you have there!! (And I know from previous posts that you both are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside).

I followed the link and read your story. I feel blessed to have had the privilege of reading it. What a testimony of God's faithfulness, His love, and His rescue!! He just reached down and grabbed you right where you were, didn't He? And He wanted to be your daddy...He IS your daddy. I can relate to that part. I can't remember at the moment if you read my story or not, but my dad (who was absent most of my life) died in a motorcycle accident. One night I had a very vivid dream of me crying over his body. I was a little girl, in the dream. I was crying, and then I heard my name being whispered behind me. I turned around, and there was Jesus, with His arms stretched out. I looked at my dad, and then turned and ran into Jesus' arms.

I think that's what you did too. It's amazing, isn't it?

Thank you so much for sharing.