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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I was tagged by Jennifer Partin at Where the Heart Is to share 8 random things about me. So here are some things about me that all have to do with vehicles (i don't know why, it just kinda worked out that way).

1. I got my drivers permit on 6/7/89.

2. I bought my first car when I was 15, and paid insurance on it for 4 months before I could drive it.

3. It was a 4 door, red with white strip, 65 Ford Falcon.

4. The car belonged to a good friend. I called him the moment I saw him in something else.
He had a banner in the back with his nick name, "
CANMAN", when I bought the car his mom made me a banner for the back that said, "NEICIE."

5. I got my license on Valentine's Day. That morning my mom (who was at work) phoned me and said, "Denise what does red and white make?" I thought she had gotten me a cool V-day gift and was so excited, till she said again, "what does red and white make?" I said, "you hit my car?" She replied, "I hit your car."

6. I hit a car 2 weeks after I got my license, while
shang hi-ing a friend on his b-day
we'd get a friend out of bed super early, dress them ridiculously, take them to b-fast, and make them dress that way for school all day).

7. I got a speeding ticket the day I was
baptized. I got the ticket in front of Jones ave. (it was a sign, literally and figuratively). I cried! Thinking, 'you can't give me a ticket , I am white as snow.'

8. I have owned a car from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90, and 2000's. One of those cars had a working 8 track. Yep, and now I
reluctantly drive a mini van.


Jennifer Partin said...

I loved it! Too funny.

I loved the "What does red and white make?" What a great memory to cherish.

And a working 8 track? Who knew they had those in cars. :)

Thanks for playing---I enjoyed learning more about you friend.

Jennifer said...

That was quite a meme!!! A meme with a theme!

I don't think I'd ask you to carpool. ;) ha, ha.

Don't you feel safe and mature now with your minivan? Well, you are 34 now, you know.
I love mine - as a friend of mine said once, "I'm a mini-drivin' fool!" ;)

Kristen said...

I am impressed you remember the exact date you received your driver's permit.

Fun Meme!

Renee said...

This was fun!! They sound like some sweet memories...and what a great memory you have!!

Thanks for sharing more about yourself. Neicie! (I love nicknames!)

Earen said...

That was fun to read about you!! I too drive a mini-van & actually love it. Maybe someday you might come to love yours too???

Sarah Markley said...

Super cute! Ahh, first cars. Mine was a Hyundai - a crappy one. They are much better now. But not that one. =)