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Friday, November 30, 2007

Alone time

Yesterday I was given 4 1/2 hours of alone time in our home. The kids were at a play with our home school teacher, who told me I could stay home, what a gift!

To prepare I cleaned the house Wed. eve., leaving no dish to be washed, no laundry beckoning me, no floor to be swept, no distraction. And, I woke up early Thurs. to be ready for the day once the kiddos were on their way.

And when they were gone-
I had my coffee and bagel on the couch, with an old friend Lucy (
I Love Lucy).
I wrapped my mind around Christmas (yes, I am a bit behind this year, aahhh).
I sat in the sun light and read, read, read. I have been reading Devotional Classics by Richard Foster. Yesterday I was encouraged by Dietrich Boenhoffer, Julian of Norwich, and George A. Buttrick.
I sat.
I talked to God, we had some catching up to do.
"Therefor we may ask from our Lover to have all of him that we desire. For it is our nature to long for him, and it is his nature to long for us." Julian of Norwich
I listened to my breathing.
I played the piano (practiced, also had some catching up to do).
I had a cookie.
I had a spoonful of cool whip too.
I sang.
I prayed for others.
I took in the quiet, the stillness.

What would you do with 4 1/2 hours,
and the house all to yourself?


Jennifer said...

You spent it well. Whenever I have a small chunk of time like that, I feel paralyzed - should I be productive, or should I indulge? No matter what I do, I often have to fight the "should-have's." I joke that to enjoy one free afternoon I need 2 days to prepare! :)
But your post made me happy just thinking about it...

About the little stove ornament... it came from Gooseberry Patch catalog., I think... or you can link to it from my blog, scroll down the sidebar. It's a fun little place! And the stove was one of a pair, so you could keep one and give one, if you want, all for only $12! Merry Christmas! :)

Sarah Markley said...

This sounds absolutely perfect. Especially the cookie and cool whip!

Kristen said...

Ohh! It would be a dream to have that much time. I would definitely have to fight the urge not to clean. I think I would read, watch a girly movie, scrapbook, and indulge in some yummy treat!

nikki said...

I think I would watch a chick flick, eat chocolate fudge, and eat potato chips, and then fall asleep on my sofa.

Family Jules said...

I would have spent it much the same way you did. Except for the piano part. I reserve my piano playing to torcher unsuspecting guests.
Hot chocolate or tea would have been great with my Lorna Doone cookies nestled on my marshmallow couch in front of the woodstove.

Renee said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend some alone time! Good idea...getting the house ready. If the house weren't in order, I know I wouldn't be able to enjoy any alone time.

Yay for time to read, have a treat, play piano, and watch an old friend!

Earen said...

Wow, that sounds just wonderful! I'm so glad you got that time to yourself! I would probably do alot of the same thing you did if I had that amount of time. I might actually go to Starbucks or maybe go shopping for a bit & then sit at Starbucks...or I might shop while drinking Starbucks...Starbucks would be a definite!!

Jennifer Partin said...

I would probably sleep, read, and get eyelash extensions. :)

Glad you were able to enjoy the silence.