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Monday, November 26, 2007

Real Men Bake Pie!

This Thanksgiving we decided to not travel central California, and to enjoy 4 days in our neck of the woods.
First, I have to brag on my husband because he is an exceptional husband, daddy, and now pie maker! Michael always "considers others better than himself." When he saw that making a fresh apple pie for Thanksgiving was not for me, he quickly took over, and invited the girls to stay up far past bed time to join in on the fun.

Thanksgiving a.m. our family joined friends for flag football. I gladly participated in the girls pyramid, ouch!In the afternoon we joined the Roger's family for a Thanksgiving feast. There were duelling turkeys, one traditionally baked in the oven, and another deep fried. My choice, deep fried!
The kids enjoyed the special attention they got from Mama Holly and Papa Dan (btw-"kids" includes me). Over the weekend we saw Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. This is a MUST SEE! It was wonderful and inspiring.
Mahoney asks, "What do you see when you look at me"... "Do you see a sparkle," Henry replies, "What's a sparkle?" Mahoney says, "It is something big inside me that is wanting to get out."
Do I have a sparkle? Sometimes I feel I do not. How I want people to see Jesus when they look at me.

We also spent the weekend getting to know Josh Rasmussen, who is leading worship at our church for the next 2 weeks. Michael and I met Josh at The Whitney Classic , where he was the guest worship leader. Josh lead with beautiful humility. I quickly invited him to lead for an event I coordinate each spring, The Feast of Tents (more to come Spring 2008). And, when we needed a substitute in the meantime, God placed Josh to fill that need. It has been wonderful to hear some of his amazing testimony, as well as follow his leading, and worship with him. Josh has an enthusiasm for God that is contagious.
Mostly, I have been blessed by my kids! I love the way they love others. They were quickly on Josh's lap, or playing, and showing affection. They embrace people as if to say , 'you belong to me.' What a ministry they have. Instead of awkward silence there are children. Josh seemed to enjoy being a jungle gym :-) Here he is giving Noah a guitar lesson.

As I think about what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving it is God's grace, compassion and mercy. I am thankful that I recognize that I need it (uh huh, there was a long, ugly time I didn't see that I did). I am also thankful that I now have it to give, as I have wasted too many years holding on to pride, justification, and anger.
Father God, "Magnify Your mercies on me," MAGNIFY Yourself in me. I am nothing without You. You are my sparkle- shine, shine, shine, light the world, SHINE! And make me like a child, embracing people with love, kindness, acceptance.


Kristen said...

Yeah to Michael for making the pie - way to go! I am sure your girls will have wonderful memories of baking a pie with their daddy.

I was wondering about that movie. I had checked plugged in online yesterday and they gave it a good review as well. I am glad to know it is a great family movie. There are not to many of those anymore.

It looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Jennifer Partin said...

I love the pictures of your husband and girls making the pie! I am soooo impressed!

I tagged you on my Blog with a meme.