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Monday, February 10, 2014

Josefiney Tortellini

12 things I adore about you on your 12th birthday!
Pix from Josie's Slumber Party
  1. Beautiful
From the inside out, you are beauty.  

2. Sunshine
Josie, you illuminate our lives with grace and joy.
 3. Song
You fill our home with music every single day.  When you sing you jump-start worship!
Oh, it is good having you around. 

4. Wonder
Your curiosity about the LORD, and the way you know Him inspires me. 
5. Surprise
Everyday we're entertained by your silly clothing ensembles, comical words, 
and your affectionate love.   

6. Thoughtful
You are a thinker.  You seek Truth, ask questions, and speak with wisdom.
And when you pray, Josie, Jesus' heart pours out of you.

 7. Friend
You are kind, and express favor for each one of your friends.   
With Noah and Emilie at school, and you the lone home schooler, it has been sweet 
seeing our unique friendship grow. I like our talks and the comfortable quiet we share too. 
I'm glad I get to have you all to myself.   

8. Servant
You consider others before yourself and always look for ways to be helpful 
(clearly, you get this from your daddy.  Btw-It's the first thing I loved about him).
9. Foodie.  
 The kitchen is your territory.  You're confident and patient and talented when it comes to cooking and baking.  I like our system-you cook, I clean! 

10. Smart. 
 Jo, you are bright!  You make home schooling a breeze the third time 'round. Thank you! 
You're also a smarty pants when it comes to playing games... are you sure you don't cheat?! ;) 
11. Witty.  
Girlfriend, you crack us up!  Where do you come up with the funny things you say!! You often have us roaring with laughter!  
My favorite convo from the year: 
Me: If I had a ton of $ I'd surprise you with a fancy Kitchen Aid mixer
How 'bout when you get married I'll get you any mixer you want?!
Josie: Any mixer?!! 
Me: Yes, any.
Josie: Than I want a Hobart!
12. Gift. 
I remember holding you in the hospital room the evening you were born.  Cradling precious you in my arms, introducing you to every little thing, and then with a full heart singing over you  "Morning by morning, I wake up to find, the power and comfort of God's hand in mine. Season by season I watch Him amazed, In awe of the mystery of His perfect ways. All I have need of His hand will provide, He's always been faithful to me."  This 4th time mama was amazed by the depth of my love for you. You were a gift, Sweet Josefine, and have been a gift every day for the past 12years.
 I adore you! 

Photos from top to bottom: 1. Slumber party at the Bass Lake house- because playing Sardines at the BL house is a blast! 2. Josie's terrific gal pals. 3. the result of not double tapping- impromptu dance party. 4. Telephone Pictionary (just one of the dozen games they played). 5. Spin the {nail polish} bottle. 6. Ice Cream Sundays 7. The whipped topping and Maraschino cherry's we forgot to put on the Sundays were perfect toppings for b-fast. 8. My silly girl in her lens-less glasses. 9. Sweet gifts.  

I praise God for His generosity in "adding" you to our lives 12 years ago. 
Happy Birthday! 


( Shout out to "Mel Mel" for giving Josie her adorable 
and oh-so-fitting "Josefiney Tortellini" nickname).


Christina Schergen said...

awwwwwww this was soooooo sweet! happy birthday to your girl!!!

Kelli said...

What a fun party! Happy Birthday to your daughter!