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Monday, September 30, 2013

In September I learned...

my girls will jump at the chance to clean my closet if I pay them with Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

laughter is the best response when clothes are discovered on the clothesline in an unexpected rainstorm. 

there is a helium shortage, and on the day we traditionally send a bundle of balloons to heaven, it will be impossible to get latex balloons when there is a helium shortage. And that is okay, because remembering and hoping aren't dependent on a tradition and balloons, but on God, Who there will never be a shortage of. 
that celebrating our 17th anniversary with a 9:30 a.m. reservation at Josefini Tortelli's (where we were served heart shaped pancakes, while wearing our pj's) will cause my heart to explode and my eyes to tear up with all kinds of  "and I can't afford it but it's mine."

that having an 11 yr old personal assistant is the bomb diggity!!  Josie is quick to help with day to day operations around the house, and also volunteers to stuff envelopes for our business.  She knows her way around the iPhone, and answers calls and texts for me when I drive, and also helps organize our appointments and schedule. She's one cool cat!  

that the Magnum delivery truck is at the same location every Friday at 10 a.m....I  may be scheming a plan to hijack the truck.
 I should have started seeing my chiropractor a year ago. 

face-timing with a dear friend while peeling potatoes is much better than peeling potatoes alone.  

(or considered) that my kids will be parents much longer than they will be my children in my home. They will live many many more days understanding how difficult it is navigating this parenting gig then they will live being erked at how we have handled it.

that sending a pride-swallowing text to my teenager saying  "I'm sorry I've been gripey at you"  gets a return text of "Thank you for the apology. I forgive you, and I'm sorry for being negative."  I really love that this kid hates discord between us as much as I do, and wants to get back to harmony as  desperately as I do.
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that most adults had an off-the-wall English teacher in high school. Mine was a goofy, polyester wearing, pioneer of organic eating, placenta planting- Mr. Corcoran.  Noah currently has a bizarre English teacher.  Maybe this is a rite of passage?

after biking 4 miles, my family will park illegally when hungry for tri-tip sammies.
 these delicious lyrics-
"Be lifted higher than all You've overcome
Your name be louder than any other song
There is no power that come against Your love
The cross was enough
The cross was enough,"
Which remind me that Jesus is capable of overcoming so much more than small-minded-me thinks He can.  Sheesh! He conquered death, right!! Everything else is a walk in the park compared to that. 

What did you learn in September? 
 Live in Peace,

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The Every Day Extraordinary said...

I learned I need to pay more attention:) I learned it's okay to go the direction of a changed dream. I learned that I'm always hardest on myself...and need to extend more grace:)