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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That's What It's All About

I'm joining blog friend Kristen and sharing my week of joys.  
I'm being intentional about  "entering His gates with thanksgiving in my heart, entering His courts with praise."
I've gotta get in there! 
Wednesday 2/02
Dinner with my God-sisters.

Thursday 2/03
Me: Josie, come sit with me, let me hold you for a while.
(Josie crawls up in my lap and I cradle my baby who is one week away from her 9th birthday.
I kiss her soft cheeks, close my eyes, press rewind on the years, and imagine us in a rocker almost 9 yrs ago).
Me: Your birthday is in a week.
Josie: I know.
Me: Don't grow up.
Josie: I have to.  You wanted to grow up when you were little.
Me:  Yes I did... but I had to grow up so I could be your mommy.
Josie: {pulls me close and whispers} I have to grow up so I can be "Elise Denise's" mommy.
Me:  Yes.  I hope you will feel about your children as I do about you.
Josie: {smiles} I will.
Me: You will love them so much it feels like your heart will explode.
Josie: {smiles} I know I will.

Friday 2/04
A much needed 1hr 42 minuet phone conversation with blog friend turned real life friend, Kristen.  She loves me.  I love her.

Watching videos from when the kids were little (birthdays always make me sappy). 

Friday Evening
Me: (after playing my guitar and singing for a bit) I love playing my guitar and singing.
Noah: It's your medicine, your "mommy medicine."
Me: How did you know?
Noah: I just know.

Later this message from Emilie was left for me on my cup of vanilla chai tea.

Saturday 2/05
Saturday morning breakfast and cartoons at the Hilliard's new home (so glad to finally have friends that live near by)! 

Getting acquainted with a new neighbor who found herself in our yard chasing her new dog.  I asked what brought her and her husband to live here in "the middle of no where."  She shared that her parents live up the road in one direction, and her sister (whose home she described) down the road in the other (I know this is a dull story, but I have a purpose for sharing it).

Sunday 2/06
After church (which is 45 min. from our home) we traveled to another town (another 25 min) to pick up a traction table we found on Craigslist (the traction table is for my back (woot woot!).  I used one in physical therapy and it brought me incredible relief).  We arrived at the home of an adorable  newlywed couple, Nick and Nicole (too cute) to purchase the traction table, and got to talking.  We discovered the sweet couple loves Jesus too (always a delight), and then got to talking about where we are from.  We mentioned that we lived outside of Oakhurst (not giving detail where because it is in "the middle of no where" and would be pointless).   Nicole mentioned her parents live near a lake by "the middle of no where. "  We discovered they live on our road!  CRAZY.   Nicole went on to describe her parent's home... SHUT UP!  That is when Michael and I looked at each other and said, "NO WAY!"   Are you putting two and two together blog friend??  Nicole's mother is the sister of the neighbor we just talked to YESTERDAY!  Of course we told Nick and Nicole all about the conversation we had the day before with her AUNT!  Nicole was  thrilled to discover we are her aunt and uncle's neighbors, and shared that they pray for them to come into an intimate relationship with Jesus.

So long story short (in case I lost you) we live in "the middle of no where," and met our also "live in the middle of nowhere" neighbor one day, and had a conversation... then we drove to another "middle of no where" town the next day only to meet the relative of our "middle of no where" neighbor!

And why? WHY?
Here's what I know... God is intimately woven/ intertwined/ and about the details of our lives.      
He has a purpose.
Something is up.
... Use us for your glory God.

Sunday Afternoon
SUPER EATING SUNDAY (a.k.a. Superbowl Sunday)!
The one day a year I can wear my barely used powder-puff jersey (I only signed up to play to get the jersey anyway) and devour...

Sliders, "pigskins" in a blanket, taquitos, tortilla chips w/ black bean salsa and/or guacamole, "don't give me that so so soda..i wanna rock'n rolla" Shasta Soda...followed by chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas, angel food cake and marshmallows for dipping!

It's been 2 days and I still have a tummy ache.

Monday 2/07
A day with Ginger while the kids skied with daddy and the grandparents.  It is good to have a friend that takes you just as you are; under construction, and sees walls coming down in your soul, new rooms being added on, staircases being demolished.  It is good to have a friend that delights in the building process more than the finished product.

Tuesday 2/08
2 words...ROLLER SKATING!!
I'm anticipating joy as tonight kicks off  Josie's birthday (Feb 10th) festivities!

Let the Hokey Pokey begin!


Heather said...

OK, where do I sign up to commission Michael to make about a million of those chalkboard mugs? LOVE LOVE LOVE them and I've been admiring them since your Christmas blog. I see a side business in the future. XOXO
PS Noah's message to you made me tear. Mommy medicine is good.
Heather Eckert

Anonymous said...

This entire post just made me smile. A nice, big, happy smile. :)

Kristen said...

i want to come rollerskating. tell josie i am disappointed i didn't get an invitation :o) are you dressing up like the 80's??

i loved josie singing... oh my cuteness. i love her.

i love your singing and your guitar playing... they bring you joy and those around you joy.

your phone call was a HUGE joy of my week. why don't we do it more often... hmm... it needs to happen more often. i love you!

i loved this entire post... so much joy!

deb colarossi said...

you know,
our lives are so different.
and yet.

love you.

Paige said...

I want one of those chalkboard coffee cups!!!!!!!!!!



Tasha said...

Where to start??? That sounded like one of the best weeks ever. I think my favorite is still your conversation with Josie though. I think any more would love a conversation like that. You are blessed. And then the story about your neighbor!! Yes, God does intertwine our lives for many many reasons. I love that story. I hope to hear even more about it. Happy week to you. :)