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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CrAzY 8!

crazy 8 collage
Comedic- you have the funniest sense of humor (you get it from your daddy). You say the wittiest things!

Radiant- you illuminate every room with your Sunshiney personality

Ambitious - you live expectantly, work hard at school, hope for your future (I can't wait to go to your restaurant, "Josefini Tortellini's"), and embrace adventure with bounce in your step!

Zealous- you embrace life, friendship, and worship (I love that you always have a praise song on your lips) with passion!

Yacking- Me: Josie why do you talk so much? Josie: talking is my favorite thing to do. And when your not yacking you delight us with your constant SINGING!

It is CrAzY that you are already 8!wcollage

When you were 3 I asked you not to grow anymore.
You told me you "had to grow to be 5"
(Emilie was 5 at the time. You have always looked up to your big sister).
When you were six you "promised you'd stop growing at 7."
But today,
Kids are 8!
How can you, my baby, be 8?jollage

"They" said (who are "they" anyway), "it goes by fast."
"They" were right.
(I wish "they" were wrong)

"They" said, "enjoy them while they're young" and
"those are the best days of your life."

BUT I say
EVERYDAY has been better than the one before!

I've had 8 years of better than the day before with you!

If February 10, 2002 was the best day,
then today is the

I am CrAzY in LOVE with you, and who you are!
(And don't even get me started on how I feel about your brother and sister!)

I'm SO GLAD GOD "added" YOU
to our lives
HaPpY bIrThDaY!


Erin said...

Ugh. Eight. It's only ten months away and I am very distressed by the thought. Your daughter is beautiful, and if she has no issues with a younger man she can totally marry my son.

Simply Sara said...

Happy Birthday to your crazy sweet daughter.
Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating her today :)

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Oh Denise, she is so beautiful!! I love her hair in the last picture! You should dress like Lucy again for Halloween and have her be your sidekick as orphan Annie. The time does go fast, too fast. Hope you have had a wonderful celebration today.

denise said...

I think your Josie must be one super sweet girl. I hope she had a fantastic birthday.

Lynn said...

She's adorable. Every.single.picture. Just precious. Hope she had a great day!