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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

going home

last week i went to my 18th high school reunion!

here is a long, yet ENTERTAINING video capturing a bit of the night, and reuniting with old friends (also includes hello's to my b.f.f.'s who were unable to attend).

i look back at high school and am so grateful for that time. i am grateful for the friends i made. i wouldn't be who i am today if it weren't for the wonderful ways God wrote them into my life. i miss their presence in my life.

ideally children have families that meet their needs. ideally children have a physical home as well as an emotional home in their families. but i didn't. my family became the close friends around me. these friends were the people i ate with, cried with, laughed with, dreamed with, questioned Life with, and sought Truth with. they were my emotional home, and the school became my physical home.

i recall how i dreaded weekends, school holidays, and agonized over summer vacations. i felt homeless, without a sense of belonging. unlike the other children, i counted down the days till breaks were over. wondering if i was the only one eager to return.thankfully in the past 18 yrs since i graduated from high school i have learned to find my Home in God. through him and by the mentoring of others, i am learning to make a home for my family.but you see for me a high school reunion isn't just a gathering of old classmates, it's a family reunion.

it is a reunion of faces that are familiar, a reunion of people who grew up alongside me for 13 yrs, a reunion of memories shared, a reunion filled with the people who i am endeared to and love.


Heart2Heart said...


Its interesting to see how differently people view high school. I didn't care for my high school years. I was the kid who didn't have many friends. I think 2 that I could count. I was the nerdy kid that was overlooked and never talked to. Your memories are what I think most of us love about school. Your pictures look amazing and thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Simply Sara said...

First of all, your memory amazes me!

Second- you are gorgeous! You honestly just radiated so much beauty that night. You are so full of life and your personality can't help but bring joy to everyone around you!

How wonderful to have such fond memories of high school and the people you shared it with.

Thank you for sharing. It was fun to watch you with your 'family' :)

denise said...

This is the 2nd video I've watched and it definitely confirms that you're crazy - I mean the good, hilarious kind, not the creepy kind. (And I guess I'm right there with you because I spent the last 20 minutes of my life laughing as I watched your craziness.)

I LOVE that you've learned to find home with God. Amen. Just beautiful.

Alana said...

Looks like a really great time! You are fortunate to have fond memories of high school. Mine are mostly not fond, if I'm being honest.