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Sunday, May 17, 2009

time keeps on tick'n tick'n tick'n into the future...

today we went to bass lake. you should know that i LOVE bass lake. of the almost 16 years that i have lived in these mountains, i have lived in bass lake for 8 of them. now we live 40 min. away from bass lake, at the south end of these mountains. i miss the green fragrant pine trees, purple mountain majesties, 10 degree cooler weather, walking around the lake, and i miss donna our old neighbor (she really loved our family, we really loved her).

we had to head up to the lake to get some things ready for next weekend. next weekend we are having friends up at the lake. BLOG FRIENDS!!! and i am SO excited.

next weekend is also our church's 6th Feast of Tents, and we are having the awesomest speaker and worship leader EVER! Al Siebert (who happens to be this person's father) and Chad Markley (who happens to be the same person's husband).

i had the privilege of meeting Sarah, her family, and parent's in December. we have been looking forward to our time together next weekend ever since!

Kristen is also coming! Kristen and i have never met in person, but we have met on skype. it was love at first skype. we have been looking forward to a bass lake get together for some time. (yep, she is traveling all the way from idaho. she ROCKS!).
(Kristen and Sarah have met once).

so there are lots of details to finalize this next week in preparation for thier arrival, and for the Feast of Tents.

so ( hmmm, i say "so" a lot to begin sentences) today we headed to bass lake to make sure the most important thing was ready for their arrival ... what's that? we had to put the BOAT IN THE WATER! after all what good is a lake if you can't go on it?and now this is a bit pathetic, but i have lived here for nearly 16 yrs, and have NEVER driven the boat on my own. when Michael told me i had to drive the boat back to the house, as he drove the truck w/trailer back i FREAKED! it was an inner freak, i didn't let him know i was freaking (i think he knew i was freaking). because i was inner freaking, i planned on driving the boat along the shoreline at a safe 5 miles per hr. but when i got out there on the water... i aborted my plan, and went straight out onto the middle of the lake at a fast speed (fast for me is 25 mph).

this is me driving the boat without other adult supervsion.
this is where i parked the boat without other adult supervision.
i am very proud of myself.

for some reason the Steve Miller Band is lake music to me, which is why i titled this post with lyrics from a popular S.M.B. song.

What is lake music to you?

What blog friends would you really like to meet?

When are you coming for a visit?


Jennifer said...

please stop posting about the things i miss most about home (actually don't stop)! i think i will have to book a plane ticket home soon because four summers in a row with no lake time is just wrong. btw, i think the SMB tape is stuck in the tape deck of the boat so it's the only music you ever hear while on the boat, but i agree, it is lake music.

Simply Sara said...

My question is how on earth did you manage to take that action shot of you driving the boat?
Very cute!
Oh, and very brave too...I'm sure I'd be having more than an inner freak!

Would you believe I've NEVER been on a boat. Never. No water skiing or tubing either!
Growing up we were more of the camping in the bush type family.
I SO want to try the 'boat thing' but am scared, because just looking at a lake makes me seasick!

Sounds like you are going to have a BLAST next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I would LOVE to be on Bass Lake!!! Driving a boat on the open lake is the best!! I love it, I love it - I miss it, I miss it and the Jones (especially Denise) I am soooooo jealous! Julie White

nicole said...

love bass lake--so proud of you for driving the boat across the lake by yourself! That is super cool that Kirsten & Sara are coming to FOT!! Please introduce me!

Sarah Markley said...

first of all, i am going to steal some pics to use on my blog. just letting you know. =)

secondly, i didn't know you hadn't met kristen in person. what total fun!

thirdly, LOVE LOVE LOVE steve miller band. we were meant to be friends, denise.

fourthly, can't wait for this weekend, and as i said before i am proud of you for driving the boat!

lindsey said...

j said exactly what i was going to. whenever i hear smb i think of the lake and long days in the boat. its been stuck in the boat since i was in high school at least! i'm hoping to come crash your party... we'll see!

Kristen said...

this post had me all teary eyed... so so excited to get there.

love the photos.

lindsey - i hope you do crash the party - we would LOVE to see you! i am bringing cookies!!

Linda Z said...

You pretty much look awesome driving the boat! :) There is nothing like driving a boat on a lake!!

Alana said...

You guys are going to have an awesome time...send both of those girls my love!