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Friday, July 4, 2008

independence to dependence

i was a very independent 19 yr old. i had been out of the house for nearly 2 yrs, living on my own, taking care of myself. life had taught me to take care of myself, to guard myself, to not count on, rely on, depend on anyone.

but i was lonely. i recognized i needed to learn to trust, to depend, and the safest one to depend on is God. so, in the summer of 93, as i headed to the mountains of oakhurst, ca. to work at camp oakhurst, i asked God to help me to be dependent on him.

i believed that girls went to camp expecting to find their husbands, and i didn't want to meet that someone that summer. so, i cut my hair short. it is silly, but i thought that guys preferred girls with long hair (most girls were still wearing the bangless, long, amy grant look in 93).
meeting someone would have interfered with my plans of dependence.

michael liked short hair.

michael was handsome, considered others better than himself, hard-working, full of integrity, fun, easy going, trustworthy, faithful, and he liked me -just as i am.

by 4th of July of that summer we were inseparable. we have been together ever since!
15 yrs!
my independence turned into depending, as i gave up myself, and let someone else lead, care for, love, provide, and protect.


Stephanie said...

Don't you just love it when God has a plan that you can't get away from? Yeah God for bringing you two together that summer!

Jennifer said...

That is so cute - and you are so cute.

All I can think is, "I wanted hair like Amy Grant's back then!" And you cut yours off. Some things just aren't fair. :)

Ah, great summer memories - doesn't it seem like just the other day, and yet... another lifetime ago? What good gifts you've been given in the last 15 years.

Kristen said...

such a sweet story!

PS I had short hair when I met Lance :o)

Sarah Markley said...

So great! I love this story!

Alana said...

Love that picture. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I remember a 4th of July spent on the lake during a very memorable chapter in our lives - Thanks to the Jones Family! I also remember a wedding anniversary on the same lake (just not on the water) with the same Jones Family... Thanks Jones family!